Upcoming Vacation? Switch Your Beads With These Fine Jewelry Pieces

If there is one thing that we all can agree on, it is that we all are in dire need of a vacation. We have all been very patient throughout the past year, sitting at our home and watching the time pass by. We did that because that was the need of the hour. The need of the hour now is a vacation – a vacation with our loved ones to our favorite destination where we can have the time of our lives while looking the best we can.

Most of us, arguably, spent last year in our pajamas, wearing hardly any accessories. For zoom meetings, a necklace at the most. But don’t we all deserve to look the best version of ourselves on this vacation? We need to put together our best outfits with our best accessories, which are the fine jewelry pieces that we have been saving on flaunting. 

Talking about jewelry, a vacation is the perfect outing to flaunt your style. Knowing that you will be outdoors, being a bit practical about your jewelry collection would make a lot of sense. You want to get the light, breezy, vibrant jewelry that has some function, pieces that are statement pieces that do not compromise looks. For example, a Shugnite earring would look stunning while also protecting you from all the harmful EMFs. We wish you to be aware of the jewelry options you should consider before planning on this vacation. Here is the list of items that will help. 

1. Shungite Earrings

Shungite earrings are a great addition to the holiday season; they can be paired with nearly every piece of fabric, from a glittery black gown, to or patterned shorts with a tank top. Vacation is also a period of time where you feel one with nature, and your body and mind can feel rejuvenated. While meditating, you can use the stone to ground yourself – by visually aligning the weight of the rock into your body’s root chakras, extending deep into the earth. This small exercise also helps you focus on your breathing pattern and release tension from your mind. The carbon-rich rock contains fullerenes, which can help purify the body and shield it from EMFs, removed from tech gadgets. It’s also known that Shungite is also rich in antioxidants, so say yes to good-looking and young skin! The earrings placed closer to your brain will help you destress and combat tiredness; it’ll help you get into the proper vacation mode, feeling more energetic and cheerful.  

2. Tanzanite Pendants

Did you know that the Tanzanite stone is a thousand times rarer than a diamond? There’s only one place on this planet where you can source this piece of rare stone, called Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Moreover, the stone’s natural beauty is not only its rarity but also its ravishing blue-violet mix of color. If you want to look regal and ethereal for a special dinner or party, then we recommend a platinum chain with a beautiful drip of Tanzanite pendants. Once the crystal sparkles under the moonlight, it’ll reflect a range of different colors and tones, from deep reds to shades of purples and blues, which will make it an exceptional choice. Tanzanite also inhibits healing properties, such as revitalizing the mind, creating a balance between the mind and heart. It also allows you to experience a profound state of spiritual openness and surround yourself with absolute serene and calm. What more could you want for a relaxing vacation?

3. Personalized Bracelets

One of the notable jewelry trends which later became an ever-increasing sensation was customized jewelry. During ancient times (3000 BC), engraved ornaments with exceptional detailing and jewels were worn by the wealthy and influential as a symbol of status, royalty, and power – a practice that exists to this day. Although, jewelry has also become about one’s expression, such as a piece of art that can say a lot about a person’s personal interest or behavior. We suggest that you take the opportunity during your travels to indulge in unique aesthetics by trying a few pieces of personalized bracelets. You may design something contemporary that looks like a piece of modern art, a minimalistic band finished in high-grade metal, or something exquisite and regal with enabled diamonds and stones. Let the sky be your limit!

4. White Diamond Rings

While diamonds are the most desirable treat for a woman, a naturally white diamond is even more of a pure sight to sore eyes. It’s known that several billion inclusions provide the translucent, opaque beauty to a diamond which prevents it from absorbing/reflecting any light that passes through it. White Diamond rings can be the perfect addition to a late summer party or elegant dinner with friends and family, adding an ethereal touch to the overall outfit. You can add a stack of plain platinum rings to compliment the large diamond or leave it as it is to grab maximum attention. We recommend a pair of drop pendant earrings that touch the tops of your shoulders to complete the rich look. 

Buying a diamond is a pricey investment, so make sure to find a reputable local jewelry store that’ll help you get the ring you want.

5. Tennis Bracelets

It’s been ages since the 1987 U.S. Open with tennis star, Chris Evert who stopped in the middle of her match to look for a diamond bracelet. Several decades later, the eternity band, which is now referred to as a tennis bracelet, has become a statement piece in the world of fashion. Tennis bracelets are simple, sophisticated, yet the perfect jewelry piece to exhibit the brilliance of diamonds lined symmetrically. Modern jewelry designers have found new and fun ways to bring a twist to the traditional design; today, one can find the bracelet in different textures, colors, metals, and more. Although to achieve an avant-garde look for your vacation period, we suggest an array of dazzling raw-cut diamonds crafted in a platinum band and secured with a box clasp.