The Benefits of Using Wristbands for Resorts & Attractions

If you’re not using wristbands for your event or resort, then you’re missing out. Wristbands have been adopted as a staple for anything and everything that involves a large group of people. Have a tour upcoming? Going to a famous attraction spot? Managing a concert? Wristbands are the way to go! In this article, we shall examine why wristbands have been the go-to option for places that have a lot of guests, specifically for resorts and attractions.

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Types of Wristbands

Nowadays, there’s a wide variety of wristbands available for any event. Each type of wristband comes with its own features and in turn its advantages and disadvantages. It’s important that you choose the right type of wristband to fit your needs. Here are the different types of wristbands:

  • Tyvek Wristbands

The most popular type of wristband is the Tyvek wristband. Tyvek wristbands are made from a synthetic paper called DuPont. These wristbands are economical yet secure options, making it a popular choice for different kinds of short-term events. It is designed with an adhesive closure for wristband security and durability. To prevent reuse, Tyvek wristbands have a die cut closer. This means that you need to rip the wristband or cut it using scissors for it to be removed. Tyvek wristbands have sequential numbering for easier crowd monitoring. 

  • Silicone Wristbands

Silicone wristbands are 100% silicone, latex free and child safe. This is popular among events, specifically fundraisers and spreading awareness. Because of its material, it is made for long-term use. 

  • Plastic Wristbands

Plastic wristbands are stretch-resistant and waterproof options for one-time use. Due to its plastic snap design, you need scissors to remove the wristband. Because it is comfortable and lightweight, these wristbands are perfect for extended wear (<1 week). 

  • Vinyl Wristbands

Vinyl wristbands are the most durable type of wristbands. This is because it is made from 3 layers of vinyl material. Like plastic wristbands, vinyl wristbands have a plastic snap, avoiding reuse. These wristbands can be worn for long periods of time because they are waterproof.

  • RFID Wristbands

“RFID” or radio-frequency identification wristbands is a modern wristband that can perform different technological features. Examples of which include self-check in, GPS, and cashless transactions. These wristbands use the same technology as hotel key cards. By just tapping your wristband, you can perform different functions.

Benefits of Using Wristbands

  1. Wristbands replace physical tickets.

Wristbands have become the go-to option for anything that requires admission. This is because of its convenience. By just looking at a person’s wrist, security can easily identify whether a person is a guest, staff or intruder. It’s a quick way for people to enter into your resort and attraction. If people have a bad experience upon entry, they may have a bad outlook on the rest of the establishment. Using wristbands lessens this. 

  1. Wristbands act as a badge of honor.

Wristbands can be used to increase your resort or attraction awareness. Wristbands give businesses and opportunity to build their identity by associating their establishment to the wristbands themselves. Through customization, you can use eye-catching designs that will help with recall. Next time someone posts your wristband in social media, people will immediately know where that person went to. 

  1. Wristbands are part of the experience. 

Wristbands can be used to package your resort and attraction. When people go to your resort, you would want them to remember their experience. One way of doing that is through wristbands. For people, it can set the mood that you’re in for something memorable.Wristbands can be used to show exclusivity, especially if your wristbands are customized to fit certain seasons. An example would be using Christmas-themed wristbands during the Christmas season. Not only does this help get the person into the holiday spirit, but it also contributes to the overall experience he/she has being at your resort or attraction during Christmas. 

  1. Wristbands serve as memorabilia. 

Wristbands themselves can serve as memorabilia or souvenirs, especially if you’re someone who is sentimental and likes to keep things. Wristbands give you something to look back on and reminisce about since it reminds you of your experience at a particular resort or attraction. These can be saved in a box or even displayed in a scrapbook. 

  1. Wristbands help with security and crowd control. 

The main purpose of using wristbands is for security and crowd control, specifically visual identification. Through wristbands, authorized personnel can easily identify which people have access and which do not. Wristbands can be customized to have different colors, each of which denoting a certain level of access. This code makes it an intuitive way for security to monitor guests and identify gate-crashers since wristbands are easily distinguishable. As mentioned earlier, using wristbands saves time because it is easier to check as compared to checking physical tickets. 

  1. Wristbands can be used as promotional materials.

One benefit of using wristbands is that it can be used to promote your resort and attraction. Because wristbands are customizable, establishments can use their logo and promote their resort and attraction. This way of marketing is cost-effective since wristbands serve multiple functions. Using wristbands can help widen your reach, especially if you have a huge number of guests. 

  1. Wristbands enable you to be “hands-free”.

Your gate pass to enter a resort or attraction is at your wrist. People won’t have to worry about misplacing their physical tickets or keeping your physical tickets dry while going on a wet attraction. You can focus more on the resort and attraction. After putting on the wristband, you won’t have to worry about getting in or out of places. 

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