Types of Kitchens: How to Choose the Best?

Are you ready to choose the materials, colors, and design of your renovated kitchen island? You cannot miss this selection of more than forty models that stand out for their beautiful combination of colors and their fine selection of finishes for the base and countertop. Models range “made to measure schmidt kitchens” from simple wooden structures to elaborate designs with riskier shapes, let’s start:

1. Square and Shiny

To give more life to your kitchen you can use the orange color palette for the base of the furniture and a white countertop that softens the atmosphere in general, some modern polycarbonate stools complete the design.

2. Integrated

To make a more defined separation of the room from the kitchen, a wooden structure can be created as a frame that surrounds the island; in this case, the luminaires would preferably be recessed into the ceiling as spotlights.

3. Marble Countertop

Marble is a high-value stone material and it looks great in a kitchen, if you combine this with brown kitchen cabinets you will get a luxurious design as a result.

4. Elegance with Shades of Gray

A large kitchen island with wide drawers with pull handles and a countertop that includes a laundry room and a comfortable space to eat. Gray and white nuances in furniture for an elegant finish.

5. Colors in Decoration

The colors and shades of all the kitchen equipment must be balanced, in this case, a high and low island was created for the dining room chairs.

6. Minimalist Kitchen Island

The simple design of a kitchen island of the minimalist current stands out for its straight lines and avoids the use of excessive decoration. The wood must be present in its original color.

7. Double Function

A kitchen island can also be used as a useful open shelf to place books for example and be located in front of a dining room, ideal for houses or small apartments.

8. Lighting Over Kitchen Islands

Choose a type of lamp on the island according to the chosen kitchen design, be it modern, rustic, minimalist or that combines the best of several styles.

9. Kitchen Island in Small Spaces

Give your kitchen more functionality with the inclusion of an island, a small laundry room and a serving space will make your stay in small spaces more comfortable.

10. Metallic

Steel blends well with wood, is durable and easy to maintain, an option for modern homes.

11. Wood and Tiles

A cheaper alternative to granite and marble countertops are tiles, in a house where wood predominates, it is great to combine with ceramic tiles in neutral tones.

12. Highlight the Equipment

If you want to highlight the equipment you can choose to paint the walls in a dark color, however, the equipment must stand out with a light and bright color, the surfaces can be melamine or Formica.

13. Highlighting the Wood

It allows seeing the wide and illuminated kitchen and highlighting the finishes of natural wood or prefabricated veneered products.

14. Bright

Brightness and luminosity is one of the requirements of a good kitchen design, a derivative of the orange color as well as steel countertops provide this fabulous effect.

15. Rustic

It stands out for the exhibition of the materials in their purest state or combined with polished materials, wood and stone are the representatives that should not be missing in this type of design.

Regardless of the size or style you choose, all kitchens must have 5 fundamental zones. They are as follows:

  • Storage area: It is the place where all the necessary appliances and kitchen utensils will be arranged.
  • Pantry: An essential part, since all the food will be stored in it. There may be a special area for packages and another for canning
  • Sink: Make up the cleaning area. It is recommended that, if you are right-handed, the dishwasher is located to the left of the sink for greater functionality. In case of being left-handed, it is recommended to place it in reverse.
  • Cooking area: This can be given by a gas stove or a ceramic hob. An oven can also be included in the lower part.
  • Preparation area: Generally characterized by being a large surface area, since it is the place where the food will be prepared before cooking, as well as for serving.

To be protected against any unforeseen event, remember to have good home insurance that covers any possible incident, both in the kitchen and in the rest of the house.

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