The magic of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

If you are thinking of designing and already own a kitchen, you are probably planning to leave the existing layout but add new touches to redesign the place. One reason is that it’s less expensive and the second is because it consumes less time. Kitchen refacing helps you maintain your kitchen’s current layout but allows you to transform the look. This article explains some key facts about this process and what to expect by the end of it. Ensure you check out the details below to understand kitchen cabinet refacing or, in other words, kitchen resurfacing.

What does cabinet refacing includes?

When you say you are refacing your cabinet, it involves reinforcing the frames with durable materials such as plywood. Later, laminate these frames using long-lasting material. The color has to match the doors and drawers to deliver an elegant look. You only complete this process by including new knobs and hinges.

The process of cabinet refacing

Suppose you wish to conduct cabinet refacing? If yes, then you probably are wondering what the whole process entails. Lucky for you, this article will highlight some of the easiest steps to follow for successful cabinet refacing. Check them out!

·        Remove the doors: The first step involves removing the drawers and doors to get your space ready for refacing.

·        Exclusive double-lamination: you can add the first layer of lamination using any high-quality product such as plywood.

·        Include high-class Veneer: Laminate the frames with a unique exterior finish of your choice. Choose a color that matches your drawers.

·        Include new drawers and doors: the next process involves installing new drawer fronts and doors that match your redesigned cabinet structure. Include new hardware and hinges to complete the refacing process.

Facts you need to know about refacing kitchen cabinet

Kitchen refacing is becoming popular as people embrace this new method of redesigning their kitchens to deliver a unique look. Here are some of the facts you need to know.

You can reface most kitchen cabinets: Many people often wonder if refacing is designed for specific cabinets. However, that is not the case. Most of the cabinets fit the refacing process. Note that there are exceptions, but they are rare.

It delivers a new style that completely changes your kitchen look: Unlike many people believe, kitchen cabinet refacing aims to redesign your kitchen without much investment in time and money. In other words, many people will think that a refaced kitchen has undergone a complete redesigning.

Refacing cost is at most half the price of complete kitchen redesigning:  From the facts above, you can tell that kitchen refacing is a real deal that delivers an amazing look in your kitchen, and you are probably worried about the price. However, you don’t need to worry since the process costs less than half the price of kitchen designing.

You can add new cabinetry during refacing: Many people believe that refacing is limiting to the homeowner. But, that is not the case. The refacing process offers the homeowner a chance to make bold changes such as investing in taller cabinets, adding more cabinets, and many more. You have to communicate with your expert and tell them what you want to achieve in your kitchen.

It solves kitchen organization issues: You can upgrade your kitchen space during the refacing phase. Introduce new things that do good to your kitchen space. For instance, you can get compact cabinets or taller storage tools to help you maintain a well-organized kitchen. Ensure that you communicate with your team when you need to solve issues such as organizational problems.


Kitchen cabinet refacing is among the best methods you can use to redesign your kitchen since you invest less money and time but get high-quality results. This article discusses some of the vital areas of this process and important things to keep in mind. Check out the information above to understand this process.