Travel to These 5 Places to See the Best Sunsets in the US

Sunsets are always beautiful. There is nothing you can do to add to the beauty of a perfect sunset. However, the way you view the sunset is a factor that does affect its beauty. To observe the perfect sunset, you need the perfect location. And luckily for you, there are some amazing locations in the United States where you can have the most magnificent views of the sunset.

#1 Grand Canyon, Arizona

As far as scenic landscapes go, nothing beats the Grand Canyon in Arizona. It is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world, and one of the most spectacular canyons you will ever lay your eyes on. The red rocks that form the canyon are a joy to see. And they also complement the sunset scenery, giving the whole landscape a stunning look filled with warmth and aesthetics.

The sunset from the Grand Canyon looks amazing, no matter where you are viewing it. Hopi Point and Yaki Point are two of the most popular vantage points. The former is where you can expect to see a bit of crowd. The latter is somewhat less buzzing with people. The Bright Angel Lodge, which is located on the canyon rim, is also a good spot for you to catch the sunset.

#2 Moab, Utah

Moab is like a twin brother to the Arizona Grand Canyon. You can also expect to see some beautiful red and orange rock canyons, just like the ones in Arizona. The most noticeable difference between these two magical locations is that Moab has a few more arches than what you would find at the Grand Canyon. That means, not only do the red rocks compliment the bright colors of the sunset sky, but they also encapsulate them to form a whole different scenery.

To enjoy the view, you can take a seat at Moab’s oldest restaurant. It sits at 225 feet above the ground and has a clear view of the sun on its way down. You can also take a walk around the Delicate Arch hike to get a closer view. That way, you can also experience how the red and orange rocks make the sunset look more vibrant.

#3 Miami, Florida

Miami is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and one of the finest spots in America to view the sunset. The Miami skyline takes on a breathtaking look, thanks to the setting sun. You will find the sky shrouded in a blend of orange and blood red. The sky’s reflection on the ocean makes the scene even more magical. Juvia and Monty’s Sunset are two popular restaurants in Miami where people go to enjoy the sunset view.

Miami usually has clear skies. So you can have an open and clear view of the sunset. However, there will be days when the weather might surprise you. For that, keep track of the weather and stay updated on the forecasts through a weather app. Preferably, you should use one that provides you weather reports obtained from the national weather radar. That information is always accurate, and you can know about the latest weather conditions in real-time. 

#4 Manhattan, New York

When world-renowned astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson, pointed out that the Manhattan street grid looked just like Stonehenge in the UK, the internet went wild. According to Neil, it was during a particular time of the year when the sun would set right in between the buildings of the grid. Here, the buildings represented the rocks of the Stonehenge while the gap between them looked just like the slits between the Stonehenge rocks.

After Neil had pointed this out, thousands of people would flock to the Manhattan grid every year to witness the sunset. It is nothing like the actual Stonehenge but is quite a spectacular scene nonetheless. Three of the best places to see the Manhattanhenge are 14th Street and Broadway (near Union Square), 23rd Street and Broadway (near the Flatiron Building), and 34th Street and Fifth Avenue (near the Empire State Building).

#5 Honolulu, Hawaii

The palm trees in Hawaii frames the sunset for you. Not only do you get to enjoy a perfect sunset, but you can also enjoy the amenities of the island state while doing so. So sit by the shores, have something to eat and drink, enjoy some live music, and let your eyes feast on the beautiful setting sun.

The scenes you get to see at these locations are hard to describe in words. You have to visit these places in person if you want to see the magic unfold before you.