Train your mind: Learn strategies to deal with stress

Amidst the pandemic, the stress level of most individuals is quite high. However, it depends on your mindset: Is stress beneficial? Training your mind is the key. Exercise creates physical stress making your body stronger; likewise, stress can make us secure.

Military team-building activities and especially dealing with stressful situations, we learn to work in such circumstances. We must concentrate on what we can do or control rather than thinking about the stress. For instance, think about the most challenging exercise you had recently done and feel the push on your body. After it is done, you feel relieved, but you also believe in yourself. Therefore, stress situations are like opportunities to improve our resilience and capacity to handle more stress. In an online discussion so that people can learn strategies to give out virtual training sessions.  One of the O2X founders, Paul McCullough, served in SEAL teams and said that being confident is the key to our survival. Have you ever experienced a group workout? It is a great tactic to build confidence and gives us the strength to complete the exercise.

In the times of the pandemic, what can you do to reduce the danger? Wash your hands, stay at home, and wear a mask if you go out for essential tasks. Following specific regulations can make you a part of the ones contributing to eradicate the virus.

It is all in our minds! Dr. Kelly McGonigal is a psychologist studying the effects stress can have on our body, and she had given a TED Talk on how we can turn stress into a positive impact on your life. She talks about a study that if one believed stress is beneficial, they experience the effects of stress differently, and our body responds differently to stress.

Staying connected or working in a team reduces stress is another proven fact! In these times of COVID-19, where you are dependent on virtual workout sessions, if you feel stressed, create a virtual group, and feel included in a team. Feel good that there are others on the same page as you, and they are following up with the sessions with you.

Reaching out to people in difficult times can help many individuals deal with stress. We can share our experiences through virtual platforms and release our stress. We cannot avoid stress, but we can channelize it positively by training our minds. Recently, the novel coronavirus has led to unexpected circumstances all over the world. In these times, we must think positively. Fear or worry is not the solution. We must face the situation and take this challenge confidently.

Take this difficult phase as an opportunity to learn new skills and develop yourself. Use online facilities to teach what you know and learn what others know. Let us share positivity and eliminate negativity from this world.

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