Toupee Wigs – Pros and Cons

When we hear of wigs and hair replacements, it is usual to think of women and the numerous hair problems they experience. But men have a few complaints too that may require wig installations and other hair replacement options.

Everyone will eventually go through the stages of hair loss in life, and sadly, the human male species are not excluded. It used to be just men dealing with baldness as they get older. But currently, younger men develop bald spots, partial hair loss, receding hairline, and other hair woes.

But luckily for many, there are hair replacement options and other alternative ways to ensure your head never lacks the weight of a whole beautiful mane. Some require medical processes, while others like hairpieces and toupees are non-surgical and non-medical methods of achieving your hair goals.

In this article, you’ll be introduced to toupees for those new to the concept. You’ll also be informed about the benefits and advantages of hairpieces –the reoccurring fashion trend for men.


What are toupee wigs

Toupees are partial wigs made from synthetic or human hair and worn to cover bald spots. Unlike full wigs worn to protect the entire scalp, toupees are specific for certain parts of the scalp with hair loss.

They are used to conceal hair defects and also for other theatrical purposes – you may have seen some actors having a unique kind of hair onscreen that they do not have off-screen, thanks to wigs.

So what makes them so amazing to warrant such expansive use? You’re about to find out.

Pros of toupee wigs

Like every other invention, a product is useless in the market except it is beneficial to the target consumers it was produced to satisfy. Similarly, toupees will be of no use to the market if they had no advantages for the wearers. Therefore, here are a few reasons why you should consider purchasing toupee wigs:

  1. Affordability

Toupees are cost-effective ways to hide your hair defects, cover bald spots, and others. Unlike hair transplant surgeries and other medical hair replacement options, which may cost thousands of dollars and make you spend heavily, some toupee wigs may sell for as low as below $100. Depending on the hair quality used to make the wigs, you may purchase them at higher or lesser prices but never as expensive as medical treatments.

  • Natural-looking

Wigs come in various styles, colors, lengths, and others.  They are also made to blend well with your natural hair to give you a more natural look; this way, it’s not apparent to the public that you had a little external help with your hair look. You can also bleach toupees (especially those made from human hair) to other colors like you would dye your regular hair.

  • Confidence boosting

Hair is seen to be a significant influence on a person’s good looks. This is because the richness, luster, and shine of the hair often enhance beauty. When you lack this area, it is usually discouraging and easy for you to lose your confidence. But with wigs, you can effortlessly regain your confidence and self-esteem.  And what’s more satisfying? No one would know if you don’t tell them so you can rock your new hair without the cat being let out of the bag. Wink

  • Hide hair defects

Toupee wigs are the perfect way to hide your thinned hair, bald scalp, receding hairline, hair loss, and other hair defects you may be trying to conceal.  They are easy to install, with a thin base, and with the right amount of adhesive and installation by a professional stylist, you are guaranteed a new but upgraded look.

Cons of toupee wigs

There are always a few cons to many products, and toupees are not without their disadvantages. Here are a few downsides to using a toupee wig:

  1. Maintenance

Toupees may be pretty high-maintenance. Like your natural hair, you have to care for your hairpiece. Shampooing, conditioning, and styling are ways to maintain and to keep it. Proper care and maintenance and the hair quality and standard wig-making procedure contribute to making the wig last longer.

  • Discomfort

Toupee installation can be discomforting. It has to be glued to your scalp with an adhesive, and the stress of installing and removing it whenever you do not need to wear it makes a once-and-for-all hair transplant more desirable than toupees. Also, since the wigs do not remain permanently on your scalp, you may need to purchase one, two, or more to keep up the appearance.

  • Unnatural pieces

Hairpieces made from synthetic fibers usually look out of place and unnatural. Though they are a lot cheaper, they come in many textured hair types, making it evident that you have an attachment.

Caring for your hairpiece is essential to extending its life span. The average lifespan of a hairpiece toupee is within eight months and 10months, but with the proper care, it could last longer. It would be best to care for your hairpiece the same way you care for your natural hair. Ensure you do not wash it too often to avoid making it dry and brittle. Depending on how often you wear it, you should shampoo once a week. Also, never wear your wig on wet hair, and ensure your dry it properly after shampooing.

Undoubtedly, the pros of wearing a toupee wig outweigh the cons making toupees a recommended option for non-medical hair replacement systems. However, Superhairpieces is the recommended place to get the ultimate solution to male hair loss and men`s toupee. You also have the option of ordering custom-made hairpieces to suit your taste, the services of on-site hair stylists, getting hairpiece supplies for installation and attachment, and many more.

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Good luck!