Get Stopping Hair Loss with The Best Health Supplements

Are you worried about your hair loss? Opt for a healthy diet with the best supplements and prevent your hair breakage and fall. It’s true that genetics do play a great role in a person’s hair characteristic. However, the food your intake also matters a lot in this regard. You may want to prevent baldness or want to prevent hair from becoming brittle but how to get the best solution in this regard? You can simply add a few minerals and vitamins to your diet and make your hair grow healthy and shiny.

Let’s check out the top 5 health supplements including Fatty Acids, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Zinc and B Vitamins that help to prevent your hair loss.

Fatty Acids

Some of the essential fatty acids like Omega 3 prevent your hair from becoming brittle. The fatty acid also helps to balance your body by looking after your overall body health. They boost up your hair growth and make your hair look beautiful. You can include primrose oil, flaxseed oil and salmon oil in your daily diet for enhancing your intake of fatty acids. Moreover, you can have fish products, soy products, walnuts, and Canola oil to your diet to get much better results. If you’re interested in NuMedica supplements, you can find a selection of fish oil to fine-tune your regimen.

Vitamin A

If you are suffering from Vitamin A deficiency, you will have dry skin and hair. This will cause your hair to break. As a result, you have to supplement your daily diet with Vitamin A which helps to enhance your hair growth. Nevertheless, you should not take more than 2500 IU of Vitamin A every day. It is because high doses of Vitamin A can lead to your hair loss.

Vitamin E

It helps to keep your hair healthy by increasing blood flow to your brain. This also helps to keep your immunity system healthy. If you take this supplement, it will directly affect your hair growth. You can start by taking 400 IU of Vitamin E per day and can increase this dosage to 800 IU every day gradually.


This supplement also helps to prevent loss of hair by enhancing the androgen level of the body. While increasing the zinc intake in your body, you should also take copper supplements. However, you should be careful while taking zinc because higher levels of copper and zinc that stimulate your hair growth can also create free radicals within your body. Therefore, it is always better to consume Zinc supplement under the supervision of a doctor.

B Vitamins

B Vitamins such as Biotin and B12 are also responsible for the healthy growth of your hair. As a result, many doctors recommend such vitamin supplements while prescribing hair loss treatment. If you include more vitamin B supplements in your diet, you will experience better hair growth as well as the healthy growth of your skin and nails.

These are the top 5 supplements that can help you to stop your hair growth. You can buy them from a renowned online store. Take these supplements and live now with your hair growth in a healthy way.

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