Top Reasons Why Formula Feeding Is Good for the Mom and Babies

We have heard again and again that breast feeding is the best. However, the truth is that, organic formula milk is also a good option. It is often more convenient for both the mom and her baby. The American Academy of Pediatrics tells us that formula milk goes back a long time, to the 1950s and many moms have preferred it over the years.

For instance, some moms don’t produce enough milk for whatever reason. Then there are those who experience discomfort or pain while breastfeeding. There are also moms who cannot take the commitment because they have to go back to work, a growing problem in this modern world. Whatever the reason is, a formula milk can be a practical solution and it keeps the baby healthy, growing, and happy too.

Here are some top reasons why formula milk is also good. Check them out –

  • You will know how much the baby is eating

New moms are not always sure about the right feeding quantity. So sometimes they will overfeed or underfeed while nursing. But with formula, you will know how many ounces she is taking exactly. This will help you stick to the doctor’s recommendation. Just make sure that it is a quality product like the HIPP German Organic formula.

  • The mom can take medicines without worrying

Sometimes after a C-section, the doctor will prescribe pain killers. They are usually safe during breastfeeding, but the mom can still be hesitant, fearing the side effects. With formula feeding, you can finally take the medicines without any worries.

  • Sharing the responsibility

With formula feeding, the partner can also share the responsibility. This is especially useful if there is a second child at home while the mom is in the hospital. Both the partners can share the job in the middle of the night, which will give the mom the rest she needs desperately. Shared parenting is always a good idea.

  • Gives moms the freedom they need

She has shared her body for 9 long months already. Breastfeeding will keep her attached for longer. Formula feeding, however, will finally give her some much-needed independence. It will even take away from stress of deciding what to wear and what to eat. She can again lead her own life. Many moms will also want to start working again as quickly as they can to get back into normal life.

  • Essential nutrients

Moms don’t have to worry about providing extra vitamins when the baby needs it. Good products like the HIPP Dutch formula comes packed with vitamin D, iron, and other key nutrients.

  • Counting the calories

Formula feeding allows the mom to keep a tab on how many calories exactly the baby is taking. With breastfeeding, you can never be sure. Find out why many moms are now preferring the Dumex HYPERLINK “”  HYPERLINK “”Mamil HYPERLINK “” Gold.

  • Others can also bond with the baby

A baby is born not just to the parents, but the entire family. It is good news for everyone. Feeding gives the grandparents, her dad, siblings, and even the friends the opportunity to bond better. Of course, this will also allow the mom to get a break.

  • The baby may stay full for long

Babies typically take longer to digest formula milk than breastmilk so they will stay full longer. This will give the mom more time between the feeds.



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