Why Dumex Mamil Gold Will Make Your Baby Happy And Healthy

Are there days when it seems like your child won’t stop crying or throwing tantrums? You’ve tried everything in your parental arsenal, but just can’t seem to figure out what the problem is? Have you ever thought about nutrition? It is entirely possible that your child isn’t being satisfied by his or her current formula. Maybe that current formula is upsetting his or her stomach. Whatever the situation is, there is no denying that making the switch to Dumex products can do wonders for your child.

Understanding Prebiotics And Good Bacteria

Did you know that there are both good and bad bacteria in the intestines? That’s okay if you didn’t because this is something that a lot of parents didn’t know. The important thing is that you know now. That being said, it is obviously the good bacteria that is going to have the biggest impact on the level of happy hormones in your child’s body. The bad hormones can obviously have an effect as well, but it is the good ones that are crucial to achieving the desired levels. Another thing to note is that not all prebiotics are the same. You can look on the back of any baby formula and you’ll find that they all contain prebiotics of some kind. However, that doesn’t mean that they are all the same.

And, one of the biggest things that make Dumex product so different is that they contain a special blend of prebiotics. They utilize an internationally-patented prebiotic blend that promotes the growth of good bacteria in the body, which, in turn, is going to make for an overall healthier and happier digestive system.

Engineered As Close To Breast Milk As Possible

You can do all the research you want and you are going to find that it is breast milk that is the best for your child. This is especially true during those first developmental years. If this is the case, then why isn’t every mother feeding her child breast milk? Unfortunately, not every mother has this option and some just don’t agree with the practice. Whatever the situation is, breast milk contains all the essential nutrients and vitamins that your child needs to be healthy and happy. This is exactly why Dumex scientists and engineers take great pains to ensure that their Dumex Mamil Gold products are engineered as close to possible as breast milk. While every ingredient might not be authentic, they are engineered and mirrored as close as scientifically possible.

Designed For Development

Did you know that your child’s brain doubles in size from the ages of one to three? A lot of parents didn’t know their either, but it is the case. And, when you consider this, you can see just how important it is for your child to get essential nutrients and vitamins during these ages. Another thing that you might not know is that it was the Dumex company that discovered this very fact. Not only did they discover this, but they discovered the exact nutrients and vitamins that your child needs for these crucial development stages. They make sure each of their products contain them and that is going to make your child a happy one.

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