Top Benefits of Drinking Matcha

If you’re an avid tea drinker and you’ve been considering delving into the world of matcha, here are six reasons why you should add this superpower-packed powder into your daily routine. 

1. Energy Without Anxiety

Many coffee drinkers struggle with the balance of caffeine and anxiety. Sometimes drinking caffeine will insight a certain restlessness, with a rapid heartbeat and a racing mind. Matcha doesn’t have this effect. Matcha will leave you feeling caffeinated and energized without the intense anxious feelings that come with drinking coffee. 

2. Immunity Support

Getting sick is no fun at all. The worse your immune system is at protecting itself, the more often you’re likely to get sick. Matcha will fortify your immune system and prevent potential invasions and bacteria growth. Match also contains EGC, which helps to protect the body from possible bacterial and viral infections. 

You don’t have to drink a full glass of matcha to experience these effects. Many people, especially those who don’t love the taste of matcha, will opt to take a shot of it in the morning. When taking a matcha shot, you can add whatever ingredients you want, like ginger or wheatgrass. 

3. Focus Assistance

It can be hard to focus, but matcha has got your back on this one too. Both caffeine and l-theanine do wonders to help the brain focus. Drinking matcha before work can help to negate the negative effects of ADHD and ADD. If you feel like your mind is all over the place and you can’t focus on any one topic for more than a few minutes, try incorporating matcha into your daily routine. The benefits will speak for themselves. 

4. Helps with Heart Health

While matcha isn’t the only thing you need to ensure that your heart is happy and healthy, it can help. Matcha is linked to a decrease in heart attack and stroke. Are you blown away by the benefits match has to offer yet? You should still focus on including exercise and healthy eating in your lifestyle, but matcha can give you the extra boost your heart may need. 

Matcha also helps burn calories, leading to a reduction in BMI and body fat mass in many tea drinkers. Clearly, matcha is the key to a happy heart and body in combination with exercise. 

5. Boost of Calm

Matcha can also be used to keep calm. L-theanine, an amino acid, is found in Matcha. L-theanine is often used to treat anxiety and reduce stress, usually offered in vitamins and over-the-counter calming treatments. L-theanine helps to reduce the jittering feeling that sometimes comes with caffeine. 

6. Improves Skin Health 

Not only is drinking matcha great for your skin, but you can also use it as a face mask for added benefits. Using matcha directly on your skin is one of the best ways to decrease rosacea’s effects, making your skin appear much less red. Other skin benefits include: 

  • Improved complexion. Matcha can reduce inflammation and exfoliate your face, removing any dead skin cells and leaving you with a soft and smooth glow. 
  • Matcha also helps to reduce the effects of aging, protecting your skin against UV damage and helping to improve skin elasticity, keeping your skin free of wrinkles, age spots, and dry patches. 
  • Reducing oil production. The tannins in matcha can be used to shrink pores and reduce oil production, reducing the amount of acne you have. 

And So Much More

The matcha benefits from Tenzo Tea are unbelievable. These six benefits are only just the beginning. Matcha offers much more than those specifically listed above. Incorporating matcha into your daily routine will help you live a healthier, more caffeinated (and yet calmer) lifestyle.