2020 Lifestyle Changes We are Taking into 2021

On the eve of 2021, we laid 2020 to rest (RIP 2020). It was a year that took a lot from many – physically, emotionally, psychologically, economically, politically, and whatnot. On the flip side, it also brought us together. With multiple global social protests and various countries of the world coming together to fight off the killer-virus, 2020 was a year when solidarity reigned. 

However, we have no choice but to take these lifestyle trends 2020 forced upon us into the New Year. Some of these changes are essential if we want to keep the deadly virus away and stay safe, while some others are just an added advantage to 

Hopefully, no one takes frightening quarantine myths into the New Year with them. Turns out we have had enough scare for a year! 

Sit tight as we explore together. 

  1. Going Virtual

For introverts and advocates of Bruno Mars’s lazy song, working, schooling, and socializing online was a dream come true.  Online shopping gained more popularity, companies and brands moved to e-commerce, court hearings, wedding ceremonies, and school graduation ceremonies were also some events held over the internet. 

Notwithstanding, many of us can agree that the comfort, privacy, peace, and having to wear more casual ensembles that came with virtual and video conference technology was pure bliss for many. 

Well, if you fall under this category, you’re in luck as many of these virtual softwares like ZOOM is still effectively functional – ZOOM recorded a tremendous increase in users from 10 million daily in 2019 to about 300 million users a day in April 2020. 

Even with the lockdown lifted and physical meetings gradually coming around, people haven’t given up on virtual meetings just yet, and we predict it’s going to be so for the rest of 2021. 

  1. Never a Dirty Hand

From wearing gloves in public spaces to never going without regularly sanitizing the hands – even in our personal *areas – our hands are probably excited about the change in the status quo. Before this period, it used to be small-sized fragrances and makeup and skin caring essentials in our handbags and backpacks, but now we have spare face masks, hand sanitizers, and hand cleansers accompanying us to work, school, the parks, malls, stores, and likes. 

  1. Nose Covering …The New Accessories

Crucial to reducing the spread of the virus, the pandemic came with strict safety protocols like masking up. What started out as essential health hygiene has today become a fashion staple, with designers and style enthusiasts alike promoting the trend of fashionable masks. 

Beauty moguls and makeup gurus are not left out as they have devised means to keeping your makeup intact while wearing a face mask – absolute genius!

So while you keep wearing your protective face masks even in the New Year, don’t be shy to match them with your outfit anytime, whenever! 

  1. Shorts Whenever

In all honesty, many of us dropped pants for more comfortable bottoms like shorts.  It was a long time quarantining during the global pandemic lockdown, and shorts became the go-to for comfort and ease. And with many still stuck at working and running their businesses from the comfort of their sofas, we predict that shorts are here to stay. 

  1. The Handshakes(and hugs) Bug

No one thought greeting by waving, elbow-hitting, and likes were going to gain momentum in this age and time, but here we are. Social distancing (which became one of the most frequently used terms in 2020) became a safety concept that prohibited close physical contact, putting an end to bear hugs and long handshakes. 

So, are we taking this culture into the New Year? You bet we are. Except of course, it’s a close friend or family, the trend of bear-hugging and handshaking just anybody has drastically reduced (if not totally ended), and this is expected to go on in the new year – no thanks to COVID-19.  

  1. Updated Hygiene 

Before 2020, many people rarely had second daily showers, put their fingers in their nostrils without washing after that, didn’t see the importance of disinfecting surfaces regularly, and gave no thought to the rest of the hygiene protocols we are all observing now. Then 2020 came, and the rest is history. Now, history seems to be repeating itself in 2021, and this may extend for way longer than this new year, and we’re all for it. 


The last year brought about good and bad.  And while we may have no control over the global turn-outs of this year, we can contribute significantly to the events that happen to us personally. Do your part to stay safe and healthy, and enjoy the New Year to the fullest while at it.

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