TOP 10 MOMMY MUST-HAVES – No 10 Is Non-Negotiable

Being a mom is everything and more when it is all you’ve ever wanted. Playing dress-ups as a young girl and practicing mommy skills on dolls may not really have prepared you for the real deal, but we can all agree it was a not-so-bad start. For instance, you may have learned to rock a child – using your doll – but what about nursery items?  I bet you didn’t think your practice-babies needed them then.

But guess what… now that you’re a real mommy, some specifics items shouldn’t be found missing in the nursery or your home generally.

Here are our top 10 mommy must-haves you can’t go wrong with as a new or experienced mom.

1. Convertible Crib

If you’re expecting, a crib should be one of your top priorities. Not just any crib, but a 3-in-1 convertible crib that you can transform from a crib to a daybed, and a toddler bed(with the necessary conversion kit), making it a timeless nursery item your children can still use even as they grow.

2. Rocking Chair

Carrying a child for long hours can be fulfilling, yes, but when you’re standing doing so, your hands and legs may not thank you later. This is why you need a comfortable rocking chair to give you the support you need when you have to rest, breastfeed or soothe your child. It’s a plus if yours is a rocking chair glider with an ottoman set.

3. Sanitizers and wipes

You know the drill with the current health situation the world’s facing. Your hands will frequently come in contact with your child for obvious reasons, and you want to be cautious enough to always wash and sanitize your hands to prevent transferring any health defect to your baby through your hands. You can also make this a must-do for anyone who wants to get “hands-y with the baby.”

4. Crib Bassinet

Bassinets are an alternative to a traditional crib for newborns. They’re usually more lightweight and portable than cribs, perfect for some baby time beauty sleep.

5. Playpen

There’s a time for everything, and the time to play will surely come for your babies. Invest in a safe playpen for your kids today and watch how glad they’d be getting introduced to their own personal play space. And when they get to play in their playpen, you automatically get some time off – see it as a win-win situation. 

6. Drawer Dresser

A drawer dresser in neutral shades – like white – will not only blend well with the soft hues of your nursery’s wall paintings but also keep your baby’s clothing and lines neat and organized.

7. Diapers

Diapers for obvious reasons. Prevent your babies and toddlers from getting and staying soiled by stocking up with your favorite diapers. And if changing diapers seem like rocket science, you can always become a pro with online tutorials.

8. Transportation Aids

 Car seats, baby carriers, strollers, and whatnot are ideal for when you want to go for a ride or a walk and need to carry your babies and toddlers along. Ensure you  purchase from trusted brands and stores.

9. Patience… lots and lots of it

Being a mom – experienced or new – comes with a lot of patience. Parenting is no easy task, especially because your parenting skills changes to suit their growth as your children grow. What will keep you sane for as long as you ought to stay so is love plus plenty of patience. So hang in there.

And finally our favorite is …..

10. Mommy Bag Bundles

Being a mom and staying stylish is not such a hard feat to achieve. With a mommy bag, you can  have all your mommy essentials in one beautiful fashion staple and still comfortable be a mom on the go. To be a classy mom, go for the teddy-and-off-white-bags option and you’ll be glad you did.

And that’s that for that! You may need a million and one other things to get it right as a mom but trust us when we say these 10 are top on every mom’s list and should be on yours too.

Happy motherhood!

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