Top 10 Botox Myths Debunked

If you go on the internet, listen to celebrity gossip, or even look through the comment sections of social media, you will find that a lot of people know the word “Botox”, but few people know what it actually is. This is very unfortunate since Botox is actually a very helpful cosmetic solution and has brought out thousands of smiles all across the country.

With the help of Manhattan’s Skinly Aesthetics medical spa and cosmetic center, we’re going to debunk some of the most popular myths out there. Hopefully, learning about the truth will help you get a better understanding of these cosmetic treatments, how they work and what benefits they can offer you.

  1. It Puffs You Up

There are treatments out there that cause the skin to lift up and as a result, the wrinkles and other age marks to stretch out. Yes, these treatments can make you look a little fake as a result. No, Botox does not work like that. It targets the muscle layer of your face as opposed to the skin itself. By getting to the source of the wrinkles, which are the contracting facial muscles, Botox treatment is able to smooth out the wrinkles above without having to stretch or puff up the skin.

2. It Makes You Look Plastic

This myth is very similar to the previous one, in that it wrongly assumes that Botox targets the skin and also because it is also very false. By stopping the muscle convulsions under the skin, Botox is able to smooth out wrinkles and make the face look naturally younger. You can see this effect in the before and after photos of Botox treatments and see for yourself how natural and authentic the results look.

3. Botox Causes Duck Lips

While there are some treatments that utilize Botox to enlarge and volumize the lips, this is not the case with wrinkle smoothing. When Botox is injected it mostly affects the surface of the skin. Unless designated by the practitioner, the lips or other areas of your face will not be affected by the Botox compound. Practitioners are very accurate with their injections and know how to prevent any unwanted results.

4. It is Dangerous

Anything you put in your body, from food to drinks, can be potentially dangerous. When you go to your favorite fast food place, you put your trust in the people who prepare your food, keep the place sanitary, and follow the health codes. A similar pact is made with cosmetic practitioners. However, you are not only putting your trust in them but also the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), many health boards and committees, as well as the academic qualifications of your practitioner. Not all compounds are allowed to be used in cosmetic treatments and not just anyone can perform them. There are a lot of checks in place to ensure the safety of all patients. 

5. You Can’t Find it Anywhere

This could have been true a few years ago, but nowadays, this is simply not the case. Botox is widely available and you can find countless cosmetic centers performing it across the country. If you live in or near a major metropolitan area, chances are a Botox clinic is less than an hour’s drive away. It’s just a matter of doing your research and finding the right clinic for yourself.

6. Most Botox Treatments are Very Expensive

Again, this could have been true a few years ago back when there weren’t many practitioners, but nowadays, with how many highly qualified cosmetic centers there are, the prices have gotten a lot more competitive. While no one is going to tell you that Botox is a cheap service, it has become far more affordable than it has ever been. Botox prices are quite reasonable for individuals of varying financial backgrounds. And as with the previously debunked myth, it’s all about doing your research and finding the one that suits your needs.

7. Doctors are Very Secretive About It

Communication is key to a successful cosmetic treatment, be it Botox, lip fillers, or anything else that has to do with the body or face. The patient has to know what they will be going through and what to expect if they are to muster up the courage to walk into the clinic. Practitioners spend a lot of time explaining all the minor details of the treatment to their patients to ensure that they understand exactly what to expect and nothing is going to surprise them. 

8. It is Very Painful

Injections are not pleasant, especially when they are being done on the face. Practitioners know this and that is why they use anesthetic to make sure that the patients do not feel any discomfort or pain throughout the procedure. You will feel absolutely nothing, other than a very faint sting.

9. Botox Leaves Marks on Your Face

While very light bruising may occur in the injection sites, these go away within a couple of days. Other than that, the injections are very small and leave barely any trace on your face. It is very rare for any marks to be left on the skin after a Botox procedure and even if there is, it heals on its own very quickly. 

10. It’s Only for Women

This is a very unfair stereotype, as with most other stereotypes out there. Wanting to be more comfortable in your body and skin is not in any way tied to your gender or sex. It has nothing to do with who you are, but more so how you feel when you look in the mirror. Men can be just as insecure about their wrinkles as women, and vice versa. There is absolutely no reason why this treatment would be for women only. And while women are the larger demographic in the world of cosmetic treatments, there are still plenty of men who get Botox and they are very happy with the results.