Our Tips for Making Botox Last Longer

Nothing lasts forever. So do Botox injections. Is it good or bad? No one can say for sure, but this is the fact. If you decided to eliminate wrinkles with this toxin, you shoul  Nd be ready to visit your cosmetologist or therapist a few times per year if you want to maintain the result. In this article, we will discuss the average duration of the Botox effect, whether it is possible to prolong it, and what can ruin the outcomes in short time frames.

How long does Botox last?

First of all, this is an individual aspect that depends on many factors. However, most of the patients report that they’ve observed the effect for approximately four to six months. Why this time? To answer this question, we need first to explain the way this remedy works.

Botulinum toxin (the core ingredient of Botox product, e.g. blocks special proteins on the endings of the nerves, preventing them from receiving signals from the brain. Nerves become insensitive, and the muscles paralyzed, unable to contract. The effect appears during the first week after Botox injections and grows within two months. Then, it gradually decreases.


Why does it stop working?

Actually, it does not. But our organism is constantly renewing. So do the nerve endings. They grow and build new cells that are not blocked with the botulinum toxin. This is how the muscles renew their ability to receive the signals from the brain and contract. To freeze your facial expressions again, you need a new portion of the drug injected into your skin.

How to make Botox last longer?

We will start by saying that making Botox last longer than these 4-6 months is impossible as you cannot slow down, prevent, or stop the growth of nerve endings. Nevertheless, there are things that you should avoid if you do not want it last even shorter.

  1. Strenuous exercise

Training and exercising accelerate the metabolism processes in the organism. It renews faster. In some cases, it is good, but not now when you have a foreign toxin in your skin tissues. It does not mean sports are contraindicated for you, just do not train too hard. And if you do, be ready that you would have to visit your doctor a little bit sooner than you expected.

  1. Heat procedures

As well as training, heat fastens metabolism and spliting proteins (one of which is Botox). It means you should decrease your visits to saunas and spas or increase visits to cosmetologists. The choice is yours.

  1. Sun and sunbathing

The sunrays, in general, have a negative influence on the skin, provoking premature aging, pigmentation, and other unpleasant things. In the same way, it works badly with Botox injections. So, limit your exposure to the sun and do not forget about sunblock.

  1. Stress

Stresses are destructive. They destroy everything. So, there is no wonder they have a negative impact on the duration of the Botox effect. So, relax and keep calm if you want botulinum toxin last in your skin as long as possible.

  1. Facial massages

If you like doing self-massage or visiting a cosmetic clinic for this purpose, we have bad news for you. Facial massage is a very cool thing but not for Botox. Skin stimulation boosts blood circulation, accelerating inner processes, including the renewing of the nerve endings and facial muscle movements.



Botox injections provide a temporary effect, and you cannot slow down the process of your nerves renewing. However, if you avoid the things described above, you can make sure it will last as long as possible. To maintain the constant positive result, you should do reinjections every four-six months, and then, your skin will be smooth and young without a single wrinkle.


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