Tips to Choose a Comfortable Baby Stroller

The first thing you have to know is if you prefer a car with an egg or without a little egg … to many they lend the egg and want to buy a car alone. It is important to know that not all eggs fit in any car so if you have a loan it is important that you take it to the local to try it in the car that you like the most.

Many ask us about how much use is made of it … the reality is that it is a very personal matter. Many use it inside their home to carry the baby everywhere (on the table or counter, chair, bed, etc.) and always have a place where it is firm, safe and comfortable. Many others use it as a chair constantly to move and others place it on the car when they go out for a walk. Many others tell us that they practically did not use it.It is important that you think about where your baby will spend the first 9 months of life.

What Type of Baby Stroller is best for me?

Then what you have to choose is the type of car … Walking / crib, 3 in 1 or umbrella. The first are the more traditional strollers (those that they used when we were babies), they are usually the least compact when folded and some of these have a folding handle.

3 in 1 baby stroller are those that you can remove the seat and place the egg directly on the structure of the car. In this way you avoid transporting everything together in the first 9 months and you can even use the egg as an armchair and store the structure alone in the trunk.

Finally, there are the umbrellas, which are cars that, when assembled, are similar to the walk but that when folded are narrower and longer.

Baby Strollers According to the Surface where you walk the Most

Another important issue to take into account when choosing the car is the surface where you will walk the most. It is not the same to move inside a house, a shopping mall, the sidewalk or on the grass or land.

Cars with large rear wheels help make it easier to climb the curb, plus they don’t bind when you walk on grass and roll more easily.

If you live in an area where there are no sidewalks and you have to move on grass or dirt, it is important that you consider a car with wheels that are as large as possible so that you can walk without problems, even after some rain.

5 Tips for Choosing 3 in 1 Baby Stroller

Baby’s Age: 

Newborns need to be in a horizontal position, so in this case you have to bet on a combi stroller that can be a stroller when you can fully tilt and support your head. You can also choose a three-piece stroller that includes a crib, stroller and car seat.

Security System: 

When choosing the best stroller for your child, it’s important to bet on safety. To do this, you should at least choose a stroller with a good security system that includes a five-point seat belt that holds the baby and a wheel lock for easy operation.


Accessories in a cart can be very useful at times, but if you don’t need them, you can use the trick because they add weight in addition to making the price more expensive. Therefore, it is important to clarify what additional accessories you will need, such as a basket or rain cover, and which you will not be using, such as an auxiliary mat or a carrier for a second child.

What you’ll give: 

If you want your stroller to go around the city, you need a lightweight, easy to maneuver stroller. On the other hand, if you want to use it in a park or rural area with dirt roads, you might want to bet on a stroller that is easier to drive, has wider wheels and has a good suspension system.

How much space do you have? 

Another important aspect to consider when choosing a cart is how much space you have in your home and car. If you have enough space, you can choose a larger model, but if space is limited, you should choose a smaller cart. It can be folded if possible, making it easier to manipulate.