The KonMari Method: 4 easy ways to declutter your space

Minimalism has become a considerable interior and lifestyle trend in the past few years. Organisation and minimalist pro, Marie Kondo, is the face of this trend since her bestselling book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

The KonMari method is Marie Kondo’s approach to discarding and organising items in your space. There are a few basic rules to follow that can help you clear your home and mind. While the KonMari method is predominately about your physical space, it can also improve your mental space. If you have a small space, consider investing in innovative storage and multi-functional furniture to get the most out of your property. Watch your bedroom and kitchen in all their glory, there’s always a way to fit everything in!

The KonMari method focuses on decluttering by categories instead of locations. These categories include clothing, books, papers, kimono (miscellaneous items) and sentimental items. 

Here are four ways to declutter your home – inspired by the KonMari method.

Finish one category before moving to the next

Marie Kondo recommends doing all of the tidying at once. Make it a ‘special tidying day’ and block out your calendar to focus on the task at hand. Commit yourself to this day and imagine the lifestyle you could have with a clutter-free home. Go through each category and make sure to finish one before starting another, so you don’t get overwhelmed. 

Remove everything from your storage 

Choose a category you want to streamline and remove everything from your drawers, closets, desks, bookshelves etc. Lay everything out in front of you from that category. Clean your storage while it is empty so you can have a blank slate.

Go through item-by-item

Marie Kondo is known for her catchphrase, “does this item spark joy?” At first, this can feel awkward, but it helps to assess whether an item adds anything to your life in terms of practicality, aesthetics or sentimental value. 

Remove any items that you do not want or need and separate them from the rest. Discard the clutter so you can start organising.

The folding method

Once you have found the items you want to keep, you need to put them away neatly. Storing your clothing in a vertical pile makes it challenging to find anything and keep it tidy. Store your clothes standing upright by rolling them to avoid creasing. You can see everything; find the garments you love and keep your drawers clean. There are various ways to fold your clothes neatly, do your research and choose a method that fits your storage. 

Enjoy your neat and tidy home!