Tips for Moms to Dress Stylishly Effortlessly

As a mom, taking care of the kids, running errands, and your household can be time-consuming. Plus, the physical changes your body goes through when you become a mother can leave you feeling less confident than you used to be. You may feel like your sense of style has been lacking and want to make a change. With the little time you have to yourself as a mom, it is possible to develop a more fashionable sense of style. Here are a few tips to help you gain your confidence back and become that stylish mommy we know you are.

Prioritize good skincare

You’re probably wondering what skincare has got to do with dressing stylishly. Even the most beautiful and expensive outfit won’t matter if you’re not confident about how your skin looks. With good skin, there is no need to spend the time you already do not have on makeup just to compliment your look. You can consult a cosmetologist to know your skin type and what kind of product suits you. A simple colored lip balm, mascara, powder, or lashes (like the Laudee translucent face powder or the 3D mink lashes from Laudee) can have you looking and feeling great. has a collection of affordable beauty products for all skin types that is sure to have you feeling confident and stylish in no time.

Realize your body type

Chances are, that pretty dress you wore five years ago no longer fits, and that’s okay. By knowing what your body type is, it is easier to choose clothes that flatter you. For example, if you have great shoulders, sleeveless tops should be your go-to choice.


A really gorgeous handbag or a nice pair of earrings and necklace can dress up a bland look in a matter of seconds. However, you do not need to spend lavishly on an entire collection of accessories. A few standard pieces like wristwatches, bracelets, belts, bags/purses, earrings, jackets, and necklaces can make any outfit look more stylish.

Develop your own sense of style

Embracing your own sense of style is the first step towards becoming more stylish. Know what you feel comfortable with and focus on clothes that compliment your figure. Pay attention to those body parts that you are very confident about and choose clothes that accentuate them. Read more about making an impression with your personal style here.

Take good care of your hair

Dry shampoo is a go-to for most moms. Taking care of your kids take up most of your time, so things like hair washing can become something you are unable to do frequently. Using dry shampoo helps to maintain your hairdo and keeps your hair feeling fresh. You can also treat yourself to a nice, flattering haircut that lasts long and is easy to maintain.

Do not forget the shoes

It is important to think about your feet when dressing up as shoes can make or mar an entire look. Most moms are opting for sneakers these days as they are not only comfortable but come in endless color variations.

Plan your outfits

One of the best ways to always look stylish is to plan your outfits ahead of time. When you’re in a hurry, deciding what to wear will almost always lead to wearing the closest outfit you can find in your wardrobe. Planning your outfit ahead gives you time to mix and match your outfit, find your best colors, and accessorize properly.

Stay up to date with fashion trends

Fashion trends are constantly changing, so be sure to keep up with the current trends. Bear in mind that not every trend will suit you so, always settle for a look that makes you feel confident. You can look up fashion trends and tips from magazines, social media, or lifestyle blogs like mamabee.


Although life as a mom can be very different, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be fashionable. Every mom deserves to look and feel fancy without sacrificing comfort. Above are some of the tips to help you look effortlessly stylish. Remember to prioritize going for outfits that make you feel comfortable. A confident mom is a stylish mom.