What Does Your Personal Style Say About You?

Your personal style can say a lot about you. Whether you are interviewing for a new job, going on a first date, or dressing to impress at a big event your style can say it all. Are you free-spirited with a boho flair? Maybe you are more of a classic gal with a love for timeless touches? Are you a modern woman who appreciates sleek lines and elegant silhouettes?

Your style can tell people a lot. Most importantly, looking put together and well taken care of always leaves a good impression no matter your style. If you want to project confidence and show off your individuality then excellently styled pieces can help curate your experience. Whether we like it or not a lot is conveyed during a first impression.

Notice how a pair of pearls can transform an entire outfit from a drab office suit to an elegant power suit. A stylish and slim-fitting pair of heels can elevate an outfit that was looking dowdy with just loafers. The right accessories can completely transform an outfit. When you walk into your first day of work with well-chosen pieces and an elegant look people make assumptions about the kind of employee or boss you will be.

No matter what event you are going to your accessories help you tell the story you want to. Dress up your favorite summer dress with a pair of hoop earrings and chunky sandals to make it feel less feminine. If you love a feminine look then add heels with a bow and a delicate gold bracelet to finish your look, There are so many fun ways to play with accessories and dress your favorite items up or down.

Say you are heading out in a simple pair of cropped jeans and a t-shirt. You take a look in the mirror and feel like the look isn’t quite complete. Simply adding a chunky gold anklet and a pair of cat eye sunglasses can immediately make you look put together. Select your favorite handbag and you are ready to head out in style. With a few accessories you’ve created your signature model off-duty look.

For big events accessories can be even more important! Whether it is your graduation, first day at a new job, wedding day, or your first party in a while the accessories you choose can make all the difference. The necklace you select for your wedding day can help elongate your necklace or distract from your features. Selecting the right piece is all about trying on different styles. If you have trouble deciding it always helps to have a trusted friend who knows your style give you their opinion.

Trying on your accessories for big events before the big day actually comes can help ease stress day of. That way you know when you are putting on your outfit that it will work together. Finding the right balance of accessories to go with your style can be difficult. There are so many amazing resources to help you find stylish pieces that blend with your individual style.

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