Tips for Finding the Right Valentine’s Date

Dating can be especially challenging on Valentine’s Day. It is especially challenging to find a Valentine with the coronavirus still surging through the US. Like last year, the pandemic will likely make Valentine’s Day a little bit of a challenge. Luckily, if it’s true love, it will find a way.

An article posted on Valentine’s Day in 2020 by The Hill, reported that despite the pandemic raging in China (at that time), thousands of people gathered online making #ValentinesDay the top trending hashtag on the Chinese social media site Weibo giving hope to every lonely person. Are you still looking for someone to spend Valentine’s Day with? Check out the following tips.

Order a bouquet of flowers.

Let’s get real — you can’t go wrong with flowers for Valentines day. Red roses have become such a Valentine’s Day staple, with more than 250 million roses (from red roses to white roses to pink) being produced in the US for Valentine’s Day alone, according to a 2019 CNN article. So, it’s likely your date would love some Valentine’s flowers and maybe some chocolate too — especially if it’s your first date.

If you want a bunch of Valentine’s Day flowers that are more unique such as tulips, orchids, carnations, sunflowers, daisies, or succulents; you’ll find Valentine’s Day flowers at places like Bouqs perfect for your sweetheart. The florists at Bouqs pride themselves on sustainability and a special relationship with their growers, which helps these passionate florists provide the best flowers for their customers.

Depending on your location, Bouqs offers same-day delivery, next day delivery, and arrangements for Valentine’s Day flower delivery so your Valentine will get their flowers before your first date. If it’s your first time ordering your sweetie flowers, be sure to include a vase so they can get those stems in water.

Pro tip: if you know your Valentine’s favorite flower, be sure to have the floral arrangers include it in their Valentine’s flowers to show them that your feelings are “in bloom.”

Consider a “sugar relationship.”

While there is a lot of negative attitudes regarding sugar dating, sometimes, sugar dating is still the best situation for everyone involved. I mean, aren’t you sick of online dating? The dating websites, dating apps, and “swiping right” on Tinder may have been fun in your early 20’s, but it’s enough already. Consider getting yourself a sugar daddy instead.

Contrary to popular belief the sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship is not prostitution (although a lot of time there is a sexual component). Sugar dating is merely a mutually beneficial relationship between the sugar daddy and sugar baby that is characterized as being between an older man (generally with immense wealth) and a younger woman. If this is something you want to consider and you’re meeting a sugar daddy for the first time, it’s important to be prepared.

The top tips before having your first date with a sugar daddy include:

  • Be clear with what you’re looking for. Are you looking for a romantic relationship? An intimate relationship (sex)? Are you just looking for a mentor in exchange for companionship? Do you require financial incentives?
  • Use dating sites with clear statements for finding potential sugar daddies.
  • A classy outfit is always a good idea.
  • Be prepared for sexual obstacles in older men.

Make sure you’re not falling for a catfish.

You’ve probably heard your share of catfishing horror stories, but do you actually know the signs of a catfish? By knowing how to tell if you’re being catfished, you’ll be less likely to fall for these types of scams when starting an online relationship. The most common warning signs of the catfish are things such as information you find about your new pal online not lining up with what your online friend claims.

Look for multiple social media handles and look for Facebook profile(s) all with similar content. To check for a fake profile look for accounts without many followers and do a reverse Google image search to see if they used a stock photo instead of their own picture. The biggest red flag for a catfish is always making excuses to not meet up in real life or to at least video chat. It’s 2020, a real person can get access to Zoom or FaceTime. So, when or if you first meet your online friend for that first date make sure it’s in a public place.

Plan a laid-back Valentine’s Day date.

Especially if it’s the first date, a low-key night takes some of the pressure off. If it’s with a girlfriend/boyfriend you know well, maybe consider an intimate night in. Go to the grocery store for snacks and watch a romantic movie together (either in-person or virtually if in quarantine).

For a new relationship consider dinner (can also be done virtually). Get to know each other better by talking about likes, dislikes, travel experiences, the wild stories of your youth, times where you were the life of the party, etc. Some wait their whole life for the passion of true love. A great way to save time and energy is to spend a lot of time talking to see if they could be “the one.”

Bonus tip: it’s a bad idea to bring up past relationships too early, but it’s always a bad thing on Valentine’s Day.

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