Timeless Films for Any True Film Fan

The film industry has blessed us with lots of films throughout the ages. Nowadays, the number of films has increased, but their quality has diminished. But this isn’t an issue as there are a few films that can be considered timeless even though they came out a long time ago. So, if you’re looking for some movies of this sort, then here are some suggestions:

The Godfather II

The story of Michael Corleone as head of the Corleone family continues in Godfather II. It’s one of the greatest sequels ever made. Michael has already moved the family to Las Vegas and is making sure it thrives. Back in those days, Las Vegas was a gem to the casino industry.

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The film follows Michael’s struggles and the story of Vito Corleone as he rises to the top. Michael is in the final stages of a business deal with Hyman Roth when there’s an attempt on his life. He’ll be working day and night to find out who the traitor is. The revelation will shock you. Although it’s a film from 1972, the Godfather II is a masterpiece that any true film fan should watch at least once.

Fight Club

Films based on books have been made before, but none of them are quite like Fight Club. In this movie you’ll meet the Narrator, a person working a dead-end job. He’s also suffering from insomnia. On a business trip, he meets Tyler Durden a striking figure and a soap salesman who leaves quite an impression on him. When the Narrator comes back home he finds out his apartment is blown to pieces. He has no one to call but Tyler and they start a Fight Club together.

As more and more people join the club and things start spiraling out of control the Narrator needs to stop Tyler as soon as he finds out who he really is. Fight Club is a movie unlike any other because it reminds everyday people of the cruelty of the world and that they’re wasting their lives doing nothing in particular. There aren’t many films like that.

The Lord of the Rings Franchise

These 3 films are so good that it’s hard to not mention them separately. They’re also book adaptations of Tolkien’s books of the same names. Also, this is the ultimate fantasy franchise of all time, so it deserves a spot on this list. In the first title, you meet Frodo and the charming Hobbiton as they celebrate the 111th birthday of Bilbo. Soon enough Frodo comes into possession of a ring that turns out to be the One Ring of an evil overlord. The fellowship is formed and its quest is to destroy this ring before the evil forces take it. In the second and third titles, you‘ll see some of the greatest battles in cinema history as the fate of humans hangs in the balance.