Thoughtful and Clever Ways to Announce the Birth of Your Baby

After dreaming about becoming parents for years, trying for a while, and finally getting pregnant, your delivery date is fast approaching. Soon, your precious newborn will arrive, and you cannot wait to share your wonderful news with, well, pretty much the entire world.

While you’ll certainly call or text immediate family and friends from the hospital with those precious first photos and birth stats, you also want to get the word out in other ways.

Fortunately, there are several thoughtful and unique ways to announce the birth of your baby that are just as special as your little bundle of joy:

Create Clever Birth Announcements

One great approach to announce the birth of your son or daughter is by snail-mailing traditional birth announcements that feature an adorable photo of your newborn and their basic birth stats. To make the card really stand out, you have plenty of options to dress it up, including adding something to the effect of “We are over the moon as we present to you the most handsome/beautiful miniature human ever born on planet Earth named (name of baby), who escaped the womb on (date) at (time).” 

You can certainly put your own comedic touch on it. For instance, if you and your spouse both adore Dr. Seuss and can’t wait to read your baby Green Eggs and Ham, then create a rhyming announcement that mimics his style, like “We have our baby in the crib, we have our baby in her bib…”

Let the Neighborhood Know

You may be planning on sending your close neighbors an announcement, but there are probably plenty of other people on your street who watched with excitement as the mom-to-be got bigger in the tummy region. To let everyone in your neighborhood know that your beautiful baby is here, you can’t go wrong with a birth announcement sign. Or, for something a bit different, you could purchase a large pink or blue stuffed animal, place him on one of your lawn chairs, and make a poster for the animal to hold with the exciting news.

Inform Your Co-Workers

Pretty much everyone on Earth loves cookies — and a sweet treat that announces amazing news is even better. If you’re currently working in an office setting versus remotely, show up to work with an oversized cookie, with the baby news written in icing on top and plenty of pink or blue plates for serving. Additionally, you could place a huge bowl of “It’s a boy” or “It’s a girl” custom M&Ms on your desk and use disposable plastic tongs or spoons to serve up your good news to everyone who comes by your office.

Post the Good News on Social Media

For everyone else who you might’ve missed, you can either upload a photo of the birth announcement on Facebook, Instagram, and the like, or you can post a different photo of your little one and include the same text from the card. This way, those who didn’t get an announcement or who work with you or live in your neighborhood will also rejoice along with you and your great news.

Enjoy Quality Time with Your New Bundle of Joy

Once your baby arrives, you’ll likely soon forget what it was like to not be a parent — and this is a very good thing. By planning a bit ahead of time for how you want to announce the birth of your child and ordering cards and any other needed supplies, you can spend the first few weeks completely focused on your new, little love.