5 Creative Ideas for Pregnancy Announcement Cards

Make beautiful and creative pregnancy announcement cards with the ideas here, which we hope will spark your inspiration.

Congratulations, you’re expecting a baby! Now it’s time to tell your family and friends the wonderful news and share your joy with them.

There are numerous ways to tell people you’re pregnant, but there’s something special about a handmade, hand-written card. You can add a sweet gift to go with the card like baby shoes, a onesie, or a pacifier.

Whether you go for hand-drawn illustrations or use real photos of your family, cards are beautiful keepsakes – and you can even send them electronically.

Here are 5 heartwarming pregnancy announcement cards you can give your loved ones to tell them you’re expecting.

1. Photo Collage

A family photo collage is a simple, yet wonderful way to share the news. Your family is growing, and a photo collage can show the happiness and excitement you feel.

You can find a baby announcement template online and just arrange the photos however you like. Don’t forget to include your pet in the photo for an extra dose of cuteness.

2. From Your Furry Friend

Pets can make for the cutest pregnancy announcements! Take a photo of your furry friend next to a sign saying “I’m going to be a big brother/sister” or “Mom & dad are getting me a human”.

You can also put a pair of baby shoes next to the pet or dress him or her in a baby bib. If you don’t have pets, these ideas work great with siblings as well.

3. Funny Poem or Quote

If you’re looking for funny pregnancy announcement ideas, put a funny quote or poem about babies and pregnancy on the card. You can get creative and think of one yourself or find one online.

Need help with inspiration? Here are 9 quirky pregnancy announcement ideas that’ll make you laugh. Choose something people will understand so they don’t think it’s a prank and end up not taking your news seriously.

4. Hand-Drawn Illustration

Cards with hand-drawn illustrations are an easy and cute way to announce you’re expecting. You can download templates online, hire a designer, or buy them in-store.

The most popular illustration for baby announcement cards is a stork, but kittens, puppies, owls, giraffes, and elephants are also great choices. Other options are baby strollers, baby clothes, flowers, and clouds in pastel colors.

5. Ultrasound Image

After the first trimester, you’ll have some pretty good ultrasound images of the baby and you can use them in your cards.

Make sure to make enough copies and either glue the image to the front of the card or inside for an element of surprise. Write the due date above or under the image or “Baby [Your Last Name] Coming in [Insert Month]”.

Use These Pregnancy Announcement Cards to Tell People You’re Expecting!

These sweet ideas for pregnancy announcement cards will help you find inspiration and tell the people you love about your bundle of joy.

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