This Man Fights His Stage 4 Liver Cancer With Keto Diet

Stories like this make me a proud nutritionist. I love it when people do healthy diets to change their life and make it better.

Cancer is a very serious disease. I have mentioned a couple of times how I lost a loved one due to cancer. It hurts so much.

Brave people, like Joe here, are ready to take on that challenge and attack it with full force.

Joe Mancaruso is fighting with terminal lung cancer with low-carb high-fat ketogenic diet.

How does he know what to do?

Joe is a 57 years old fitness club owner. He is into exercises and nutrition personally and professionally.

The nature wanted it to be like that and Joe was diagnosed with cancer in May 2013.  Like any other person on this planet, he started chemotherapy right away.

The suffering was even bigger. In February 2014, Joe had enough of the chemo and decided to treat it with low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet. Every month, Joe was paying $10,000 for a dose of chemo.

The results of the chemo were the seizures and a weakened immune system. What I missed before is to tell you that Joe has fought off a testicular cancer in 1985. He needed only 4 rounds of chemo to do that.

“After 3 rounds of Alimta, I decided to quit chemo. I tried several diets and ended up following the Keto diet. I combined supplements, sunshine, exercise, and heat therapy” – Joe Mancaruso

This fitness guru said that the Keto diet therapy isn’t flushing away his retirement savings or destroying his life. The chemo is a personal choice. It should be like that. That’s why he is relying on Ketogenic diet and rigorous exercise to starve the cancer to death.

That was his personal choice. Instead being weak and poor, he is now living his life training Jiu Jitsu 4 times a week, does kettlebell training and travels all the time.

He is even in a small group of cancer patients who are using the same diet to control the cancer.

How the Ketogenic Diet Starves Cancer?

If you have researched what’s cancer and how it grows stronger, you probably know that it relies on sugar.

Treating cancer with food rings “impossible” in every patient’s ears. But, if you start reading about it you will get motivated to start the same thing.

The Keto diet starves the cancer cells because you don’t eat any form of sugar.


The cells in our body can survive on fat and glucose. The cancer is different. It only relies on glucose. Can’t live on ketones. So, if you limit the carbohydrates that turn into glucose you can prevent the cancer cells from growing.

According to the author of “Cancer as a Metabolic Disease” Dr. Seyfried:


Joe believes that Keto diet, exercises and the healing power of positive thinking is the road to success.

He is out there living his life and spending money that would’ve been used for expensive chemo and drugs.


The world is proud of you Joe. Hold on and starve that cancer out!

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  1. Headline says liver cancer and story says lung cancer. No biggie but confusing. Good for this guy. I am keto myself and my sister is looking at a possible liver cancer diagnosis. I hope to get her on keto. She may not forego conventional treatment but keto could help side effects along with shrinking cancer.

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