These Lazy Girl Cleaning Hacks Will Take Over Your Life

It’s not wrong to feel like a lazy girl sometimes. You just want the others to take care of everything.

There is the whole family that could take credit for cleaning the entire home, cooking lunch or dinner, take the dog outside to do his thing, take the garbage out, and so on.

It’s tough to believe that a mother can be lazy but sit back, relax and let these cleaning hacks do the thing for you.

I don’t know why they are called lazy girl cleaning hacks when all of us can find a good use for them in our life.

Don’t get surprised if you are going to change the way you eat some things or polish your kitchen gadgets.

The solution was there in front of you for the whole time, but we couldn’t figure it out.

Some women went with their instinct to find these perfect methods so that we can enjoy them, as well.

I don’t know whether the inventors did that just to get another way of cleaning things or from pure laziness.

Either way, we won’t mind using some of these.

Check them out:

1. Walk the walk with the swifter sock

2. Collect dust with lint roller

3. Make everything shine with furniture polish

4. Line your toaster tray with foil before toasting anything.

5. Don’t use bowls or cups

6. As I said

7. Breadcrumbs, too

8. Use liquid shower gel (not soap) to avoid soap scum buildup in your tub.

9. Just blend soap and water

10. Word

11. Clean as a whistle

12. I’m trying this!

13. Always

14. You can wash everything in the dishwasher

15. Clean greasy gas burners in a sealed plastic bag with ammonia.

16. Run 1 part vinegar + 1 part water through a brew cycle in your coffeemaker.

17. Soak a non-toxic and biodegradable dryer sheet in a pan to remove baked-on food.

They are challenging alright. These lazy girl cleaning hacks are perfect for doing things faster and efficiently.

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Don’t forget to share them with all of your friends. They could find a good use for them.

Source: Buzzfeed

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