These 7 Aliments Occur When You Sleep with Wet Hair

Whenever I take a shower before bed, I can hear this voice in my head to blow-dry my hair before I lay down on the pillow. It’s my grandmother’s voice. She was the one always taking care everything to be in the right order.

Even if she was not around the bathroom, she had this 6th sense to yell from the outside to dry out my hair before I go to sleep.

It was a spooky experience, but it’s something useful.

My grandmother was right all along because going to sleep with wet hair comes with its consequences.

Some ailments occur every time you fall asleep right after you came out from the bathroom.

wet hair

Let’s check them out:

Hair Breakage

Sleeping with wet hair increases the chances of hair breakage.

Sticky Hair

This especially happens to people with longer hair.


The moisture will be here through the night. When you get to sleep, the temperature of your body rises, and there will be a significant temperature difference from your body to your head. That’s what causes the headaches.

Itchy Skin

When you sleep with wet hair, the moisture forms a barrier on the skin of your head. When it dries out, it causes itching.


You are going to wet the towel and pillow. The bacteria can’t wait for the wet environment to breed and do some damage.

Muscle Pain

The wet hair leads to change in the temperature of your body. That’s how the muscle pain comes and result in different other circumstances like cramps or facial paralysis.


When you keep your scalp moist for a couple of hours, it will mess up the primary function of sebaceous glands on the scalp. From here, these glands will produce more oil or reduce oil production. Either way, this will disrupt the pH balance of the scalp and trigger dandruff.

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Source: The Health Awareness

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