The Ultimate List of 55 Halloween Costume Ideas for Teenagers

Halloween 2016 is a month from now, and I feel like we don’t have enough time to get ourselves ready.

Halloween in my neighborhood became something to wait for over the next few years. We have different kinds of happenings right here.

We organized them especially for the kids and smaller kids.

I have to admit that I’m especially excited for this Halloween because I’m the host of it. And you know how it is, the host should come up with some different when it comes to makeup and costume.

But first, let’s dress up the teenagers and those who feel like ones.

Even though I passed the teen stage, I could still use some of these ideas to make the perfect costume.

My only doubt is whether to make it to be scary or not. What do you think?

The ultimate list of 60 Halloween costume ideas you are going to see below will open your horizon and give you a picture in your head of your perfect outfit.

Are you ready teenagers?

Woodland Creature

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What’s your favorite animal in the woods? – Take a look at this example. Use your makeup tricks you have up on your sleeve and do some magic!


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One of the most popular costumes when it comes to Halloween. If you have old clothes in your closet, it’s time to re-employee it. Makeup can be fun for zombies – just look at how good you can make this look.

Do some makeover. Rip it. Paint it. Cut holes to make them look like bites and you are ready to go.

You can even re-create the zombie apocalypse with all of your friends.


The costume is easy to make. If you have some “similarity lines” with Katy Perry is a bonus.

Twinning Emoji

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If you don’t want to push yourself to the limits and opt in for a minimalist style, this costume could do the trick.

The twinning emoji represents friendship and unbreakable bond everywhere around the world. So, it’s not only a costume, but it has a story behind it.

The Burglar

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If you have a white shirt with black stripes, you don’t have to spend so much time creating the Halloween costume. Add a black beanie, a mask, and you are ready to go.

You can add some tweaks if you like. Make it sexier or scarier.


The photo scared me. The idea is to make something scary. Acting like a body will give chills to everyone that will see you.

Recreate the costume if you want to be remembered as the scariest costume on the evening.

It’s scary just to think about it.


I think the minions will be the most popular costumes for Halloween 2016. The dress is simple. A pair of denim shorts, yellow shirt, and suspenders.

Create goggles from cardstock or black cloth. You can ask your friends to do the same thing and show up as a group of minions.

It will be an entertaining experience.

A ghost

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If you do a ghost, you have to do better than this girl. However, if you want to be the person who came up last with the costume idea for Halloween, you can take a white garbage bag, cut eyeholes, and ghost yourself.

Cotton Candy

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The costume that will satisfy the sweet tooth of everyone around you. Use your imagination and add flavors.

Zayn Malik

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Teenagers go crazy over One Direction. So, why not being one for this Halloween?

Princess Bubblegum and Finn

You have the clothes in your closet. It will be easy for you to recreate the Adventure Time costumes.

However, if you want more details, check this DIY.

Dead You

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Scare the soul out of your friends and family. Cover yourself in white makeup and let them piss their pants.

Corpse Bride

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Maybe my favorite costume. I think I would show up like this in front of my neighborhood.

So, don’t do this. It’s taken.

A pig in a blanket

If you want to do something “punny,” a pig in a blanket would be the first idea that comes to your mind.

You can recreate the pig nose and ears using paper.

One Direction

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If you know what I mean…

Mother Nature

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Leaf yourself with a mother nature costume. Go green and you can even raise awareness for saving our environment.

Mr. and Mrs. Fox

What does the fox say?

Mr. and Mrs. Fox vol.2

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The couple animated strikes again.

Hipster Sign

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Millions of quotes will make everyone around you laugh.

Amelia Earhart

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The leading lady is desperate to make a comeback on the Halloween stages.

Google Maps locations

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Yep. Some people get lost now and then.

Mean Girls’ Regina George

I totally forgot about this teenager movie. So, did she walked in front of the bus or Cady pushed her?

A Ballerina

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I always wanted to become one but didn’t have the courage. Too bad my daughter doesn’t have anything to do with it.

“All the Single Ladies” …

And boys?

Get your friendship to another level for this Halloween. Recreate the dancers of the favorite song by Queen B.


Be Russel and Carl from UP. Finding a boy scout uniform could be tricky, but you’ll manage.

Sam and Suzy from the Moonrise Kingdom

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Wes Anderson inspired costumes.

The Addams Family (Wednesday)

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I love these dresses. Being Wednesday is the perfect option for a teenager. Imagine showing up to the whole family in front of the others.

That’s not a bad idea…

Feline Friends

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You can change it a little bit. Cat lovers will do this.

One Direction

OMG. These costumes will be popular for Halloween 2016.

Your Twitter Feed

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When it comes to social media.

A Gentle-Man

Can you ask more?

Moonrise Kingdom

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Sam and Suzy were the most attractive, right?

Jelly Beans

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You need your friends for this one. The costume is comfortable and adorable. Everyone would like to eat you. Don’t forget the logo.


A photo posted by Jules Ford (@youcanfindjules) on

Let’s take out those rubber snakes out of the toys.

Workout Barbie

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Summer is over, but you can still show everyone how fit you are. They will want to look like you.

Minnie’s Friends

Minnie Mouse will never get old. If you have a boyfriend, you know who he needs to be.

Another Version of Minnie Mouse

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Maybe we should call it “the modern approach.”

Penny Proud

One of the coolest characters on Disney Channel.

Grumpy Cat

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You get the idea.

Blue and Steve

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Recreate the childhood memories with this cute Halloween costumes.

You and the Male You (or women you)

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It’s time to see which half will dominate in you.

Ninja Warrior

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Oh, you are going to be silent.

Mario and Luigi

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You can do no wrong with these cute outfits.

American Gothic Painting

Revive your ancient roots with a costume that exposes your artistic thoughts.

Robin from HIMYM


The How I Met Your Mother saga is still among us. Do you remember Robin Sparkles?

Arnold and Helga

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It’s time for you and your friend to be funny.

Louise from Bob’s Burgers

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The great mix of sass and sarcasm. Those who share the same attitude could do just right in this costume.

“Mean Girls”

Great. The whole cast is here.

Harley Quinn and the Joker

Let’s play a game.

Napoleon Dynamite

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… and the awkward dancing can start right now!

Rocky Balboa


Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke

Get inspired and switch roles with your friends. The male could be Miley while the female could play the role of Robin.

What do you think?


The cutest costume ever created. It’s simple. It’s stylish and excellent chic option.

Dora the Explorer

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It’s simple and easy. Don’t forget the hair.

Hot Rod

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Denim on denim on denim and a red bandana headband followed by a yellow cape will transform you in Rod from Hot Rod.

There you have it. A pretty long list of ideas for the upcoming Halloween.

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What do you think?

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