The therapeutic benefits of cannabis seeds

We all know about cannabis, but not all of us know -in detail- the benefits of consuming the seeds of this plant. Cannabis seeds have earned a reputation as a superfood thanks to their nutritional properties, which are many, from a large quantity and variety of vitamins and minerals to significant amounts of other essential nutrients, such as Omega 3.

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Why should you eat cannabis seeds?

Now that we know a couple of ways to eat cannabis seeds, what we have yet to learn is the reasons why eating these seeds is beneficial for our health.

Let’s start with the protein content of cannabis seeds:

  • These seeds provide “complete protein”. What does this mean? Which, like any other animal protein such as egg or meat, provides the nine essential amino acids. These are key to our body – they help the synthesis of proteins, and they are beneficial for health.

In particular, marijuana seeds are very high in an amino acid called Arginine, which is a crucial element for optimal heart health.

Second, let’s talk about the fibre in marijuana seeds:

  • There are two types of fibre: soluble fibre, which is the most common, and insoluble fibre. Cannabis seeds are rich in both types of fibre, mostly if they are consumed with the peel included. Insoluble fibre is excellent for our health, and it prevents conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and other cardiovascular problems.

Fibre is essential in all types of diet, although our modern diets often do not contain enough fibre. One hundred grams of cannabis seeds give you almost all the fibre you need in one day.

And, very importantly, the Omega 3 that we find in cannabis seeds:

  • In the entire plant world, seeds tend to contain the most Omega 3s. Chia seeds, in particular, have been widely publicized, although they are quite challenging to consume. Cannabis seeds, however, are delicious and, after chia seeds, they have the most Omega 3s.

Complete vegetable protein in cannabis seeds

Protein, especially when it comes to vegetables, is a sore subject. In this case, there is nothing wrong that can be said about the protein found in cannabis seeds. They contain a lot of protein, almost a third of their value in calories. For every 35 grams of cannabis seeds, we consume 10 grams of protein. Not bad for small seeds.

Furthermore, the protein in cannabis seeds is a “complete” protein; that is, it contains all nine essential amino acids. It means that it has absolutely nothing to envy to animal protein and that, indeed, it is one of the best proteins the plant world has to offer, better even than soy protein.

Good fibres in cannabis seeds

Fibre is a nutrient that doctors always recommend us to eat more, and more. Why? Although fibre does not provide us with any vitamin or mineral, it is vital to maintain good health in our stomach, as well as to prevent conditions such as haemorrhoids and constipation.

There are two types of fibre. The first, soluble fibre, helps us digest food well and evacuate much more quickly. It is the most accessible type of fibre to acquire through food.

The second type of fibre is digested very slowly, which helps to give us energy more slowly. It also works to prevent diabetes and other types of cardiovascular diseases.

Unsaturated fats

One type of unsaturated fat is well known: Omega 3. It is classified as a “polyunsaturated fat”. Besides, there are more and all of them beneficial to our health consumed in moderation.

Cannabis seeds are very rich in polyunsaturated fats. In particular, in gamma-linolenic acid, a type of polyunsaturated fat that is quite difficult to obtain in a conventional diet. This fat, which, by the way, is a subtype of Omega 3, helps our body regulate hormonal levels and is especially beneficial for those who suffer from acne or premenstrual syndrome.

Our body is unable to produce fatty acids like Omegas. It makes it even more critical that we pay special attention to consuming these nutrients.

The amount of Omega 3 we consume concerning Omega 6 is also essential. Cannabis seeds contain three times the amount of Omega 6 than Omega 3, according to studies the perfect ratio to take advantage of the benefits of Omega 3.

Regarding saturated fats, cannabis seeds contain absolutely no saturated fats, which are the most harmful to health.

Vitamins in cannabis seeds

Cannabis seeds are a great source of vitamins, active elements and minerals. Besides, they help the health of your skin.

Dermatitis, acne, and other conditions that affect the skin in similar ways are mostly inflammatory conditions. Cannabis seeds contain chemicals that serve as anti-inflammatories, fighting this symptom.

It is also believed that one of the causes of the most common skin conditions among the population is a diet low in Omega 3 and fibre, two nutrients in which cannabis seeds are very rich.

Cannabis seeds to keep your heart healthy

Many studies conclude that the consumption of Omega 3 is one of the best ways to prevent heart problems such as arrhythmias. As we have already said in this article, cannabis seeds are high in Omega 3, and this is one of the reasons why they help keep your heart healthy.

The second reason is that they contain nitric oxide. Nitric oxide keeps the walls of our veins and arteries relaxed, helping them stay elastic over the years. This same prevents hardening of the arterial walls, one of the major causes of cardiovascular problems such as embolisms, heart attacks, among others.

Don’t wait any longer and start eating cannabis seeds, by They are suitable for your health in many, many ways and, if cooked well, they are very tasty.

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