Weed Seeds 101: What You Should Know Before Purchasing

Weed has become the order of the day among millennials. They ought to understand that buying weed seeds is dictated by the law. Most countries have laws that issue partial or total restriction on the number of weed seeds one can purchase.  It is vital to know what it takes to own, buy, or sell weed seeds.

Most growers prefer to plant clones and not seeds. They fail to understand that starting your weed from scratch has lots of benefits compared to planting clones.

Why should you plant seeds and not clones?

Every farmer’s dream is to have a good harvest after the hard work they put in cultivating. It may surprise you to know that seeds are the best. Weed plants grown from seeds produce an enormous yield because they undergo very minimal stress during their growth. Also, such plants are the best for transitioning from indoor to outdoor growth.

Transferring clones to a garden might seem less stressful. It is vital to note that the effort a cultivator put to growing the weed seeds from scratch is nothing compared to the fruits it bears. When you plant seeds, they develop taproots. Clones, on the other hand, have a fibrous root system.

We all know the difference between tap and fibrous roots, thanks to our taxonomy professors. Plants with fibrous roots systems cannot absorb nutrients and are less sturdy. Taproots, on the other hand, grow dipper in search of water and nutrients. Just do the math. Weed seeds are what you need to have a bunch of healthy weed plants.

Having a wide variety to choose your weed from should serve as a motivating factor to see how they develop from scratch.  The cannabis plant is also beneficial for medicinal or recreational purposes.  Mild cannabis is vital in the medical field and some industrial products of therapeutic value.  Also, if you like your weed mild, you could opt for the gentle type.

 What you should know before settling for weed seeds

As you buy weed seeds, it is essential to understand the types of strains in the market clearly. The last thing you need is the wrong strain. The thing is, in some countries, the law restricts even the number of seeds you can plant. Having the wrong ones is the worst mistake.

Here are the factors to put into consideration when buying weed seeds.

The amount of space required

Different strains of weed require different amounts of space to grow; some need more space than others. For instance, cannabis Sativa requires huge space, unlike indica. The latter grows in smaller areas due to the nature of its growing environment: It grows in places where the weather conditions keep fluctuating.

The essential requirement for the seeds to grow

As we noticed earlier, different strains of weed require different conditions to thrive. Hence, since growing plants’ chief focus is to have some adequate harvest, one needs to plant weed putting all the relevant requirements into consideration.

Keeping in mind the strain of preference 

Everyone got their taste and preference in every product. When buying weed seeds, it is prudent to stick to the strain that has always worked for you. People who plant weed for recreation purposes must adhere to their favorite to get maximum satisfaction after using. A strain you have always preferred will keep you from making mistakes at any given point of planting it.

What is the easiest way to differentiate weed seeds?

Sometimes weed strains are confusing. This is why a professional in the weed field comes in handy to save the day for people who get confused while choosing seeds that are immature or too old to have potency. Here are the things to look out for.

The appearance

Seeing is believing. Any buyer should make sure to see a sample of the seeds before buying—the quality of seeds determined by how it looks from outside. To identify immature seeds, you check the color, which is usually grey or green. Old seeds, on the other hand, are typically dry and excessively cracked. The healthy weed seed is dark brown and is firm.

Type of production the weed seed undergoes

The type of production makes seeds either feminized or standard.  Standard seeds are very expensive. The reason is that most seed banks find it cumbersome and time-consuming to produce the weed seeds. Research shows that crossbreeding two female weed plants requires you to get a plant the has been stressed to the point of being a hermaphrodite or, better still, force a single female to be stressed to the point of self-pollination. With the above procedures, the result is usually a female plant.

The odor of the plant

It is legal to grow weed in a few countries. Growing weed is supposed to be a secret as per legal regulations. The rationale being the public must not know that you’ve planted the weed. However, the weed plant’s odor makes the whole agenda a ”city on a hill”. The smell of weed is too pungent to be ignored; hence, outdoor growers must have an ozone machine to eliminate the odor.

Also, extra care should be exercised to keep away from the hydrogen peroxide emitted by the machine when using the ozone machines.

The level of skill a grower has

The skill level is determined by how well a grower can plant the weed seeds to the point of flowering. People passionate about growing weed but lack the skill should visit the internet with a ton of information that will propel them in the right direction.

To wrap it up

Before you purchase weed seeds, it is vital to keep in mind the regulations that govern planting—buying, selling, or supplying weed and weed seeds. A seed company that has a good record is critical. Homegrown Cannabis Co. is the ideal weed seed expert. Their unbeaten expertise will guide you in every aspect relating to buying weed seeds.

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