12 Creative Ways to Store Out of Season Clothes

Shopping is arguably the best sort of therapy there is. Doesn’t matter what grief you’re battling; retail therapy is the most cathartic and rewarding activity there is.

However, just like all things, some of us end up seeping more than we sow. In the end, we’re left with a ton of clothes that are only applicable in one season.

Fret not; the ultimate solution to your overflowing cabinet is here. In this segment, we’ll go over a few creative ways you can save all your season-oriented clothes! Most of these are easy to work with and won’t require any preparation.

Furthermore, you’re free to choose whichever way works best for you. Without further ado, here are the top 12 ways you can easily store your clothes!

1. Utilize an old trunk

The ultimate advantage of having an old trunk around is for its multiple features. For starters, it can be a great addition to the overall aesthetics of the place. Along with that, it serves as a good storage space for virtually anything that you can fit inside.

Once done, it can also be a prop for additional setup on top of it. The key takeaway here is that it should be designed in a manner that it sits well with the rest of the room.

2. A covered shelf!

If you’re looking for a smart way to store shoes that you don’t wear, then a covered shelf is the best way to go about it. When setting it up, set it next to the garage room door so that you don’t have to frequent it often.

Likewise, the cover is there to ensure that dust doesn’t settle in. It doesn’t matter if it was the winters of the sports season; this shelf will cater to all sort of shoes!

3. Add baskets underneath closed shelves

Using baskets would give you extra space without making any adjustments. You can virtually store whatever you want in these baskets.

The general rule is that the things stored aren’t dirty or smell bad, lest they end up making the whole cabinet smell bad.

4. Hang the accessories

Accessories such as mufflers, ties, and scarves are those that can be easily hanged from a spot. If you’re looking to store some winter clothes, then you can hang them almost wherever you want.

A bonus tip to consider is making them contrast with the background so that you can have a complete aesthetic outlook.

5. Redesign the bookcase

The bookcase serves as a great way to store small accessories and clothes with minimal setup. This is optimal if you’re looking for an easy way to store mufflers, scarves, and thick socks.

6. Make use of extra storage

There’s a decent chance that there are unused places in your house. Put them to good use and keep your off-season clothes there.

However, always make sure that you store them in a place with minimal moisture retention or pests. Not doing so might result in undesired consequences the next time you try to access your clothes.

7. Double up on hangers

If you’re storing T-shirts or other similar stuff, then a very creative way to get more done in less space is by using the tabs that are fixed on a coke bottle.

Once inserted in the handle, these can be used to prop up a second hanger.

8. Use a drawer divider to maintain garments!

Let’s be real; we all have season-oriented garments. To make sure that they are stored well and available when needed, look for a smart drawer divider.

A drawer divider will beautify your drawer and make the process of storing your garments so much easier. Furthermore, it’s also a step towards being more organized and cleaner.

9. An extra bar in the closet

By adding an extra bar underneath, you can easily store your child’s off-season clothing without any hassle or shortness of space.

Furthermore, this will also give you more space to store more of your child’s clothes. However, make sure that this bar doesn’t interfere with the working of the already-present bar.

10. Invest in a loft bed (give storage underneath)

This is only advisable if you live alone. By investing in a loft bed, you’ll essentially be freeing up the same place you use for your bed.

Since the actual bed is elevated, the bottom can serve as heavy-duty wardrobe closets. Since there’s a good chance you already have other storage options, you can use this for old clothes!

11. Use a bin

Using a bin is undoubtedly the easiest way you can go about all of this. However, you have to ensure that the bin is designed creatively or appeals to the overall aesthetics of its surrounding.

The beauty of using a bin lies entirely in how well it is designed and utilized. Don’t just let it leave around hanging. Otherwise, other people might object or criticize your decision.

12. Shoe cubbies for extra space!

Shoe cubbies are as versatile as it gets. Since they also are inexpensive, you can get a bunch of them and hang them wherever convenient.

Once done, you’re free to choose the type of clothes you would want to store in them. However, we would recommend you choose jeans or shirts because you can store more of them in confined spaces!

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