The Keto Meal Plan for Beginners – For Effective Weight Loss

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A keto diet popularly known as ketogenic diet is a low carbohydrate and high-fat diet is gaining immense popularity among a large number of individuals who are looking to ways to lose weight effectively.

Apart from the weight loss benefits, keto diet also helps in overall health and wellness of people and if you want to enjoy a large number of benefits then you
should look at the keto meal plan for beginners to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.

This diet plan is an excellent way of shedding the excess weight from your body as it promotes fat loss and also prevents the occurrence of some serious health issues like cognitive decline, cancer, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes.

Keto diet for weight loss

The reason why you lose weight when you follow keto diet is that your body enters into a state of ketosis within one to three days after following the diet and the food that you consume has lesser amount of carbohydrate and more amount of fat that is used for burning the excess fat from the body.

The ketogenic diet helps the body in producing small fuel molecules known as ketones which acts as a fuel for the body and helps the body by burning the fat so that you can lose weight within a short span of time.

When you consume less amount of carbohydrate, it helps in breaking down the blood sugar and even the protein content of the food is converted into blood sugar so that you will get a healthy body without any kind of health problems.

The keto meal plan for beginners- foods to eat under the diet


For the breakfast, you need to follow a light diet the compromises of scrambled eggs and if you don’t want to eat anything then you should skip the breakfast altogether and only a cup of coffee will be an ideal breakfast for you.

This is very effective in raising your ketone levels and you will be successful in losing weight easily when you plan breakfast for your ketogenic diet.


The lunch that you need for your keto diet is more focused on higher amount of fat and protein but lesser or no amount of carbohydrate that means you can have anything that is high in protein like dark meat chicken, grass fed beef, fatty fish like salmon as these food items are ideal for your lunchtime.

You can consume certain fruits and vegetables that are included in the keto diet but some should be avoided for your weight loss goals.


It also compromises of any of the above food items and you can add some low fat proteins like shrimp and skinless chicken breast occasionally for a change to your keto diet.

Bacon is also recommended in smaller quantities but you should completely avoid anything with added sugar content, chicken or fish nuggets and meat that is marinated in sugary sauces as it can increase your weight very quickly.

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