The Important Role Of A Tantra Chair

Before we jump directly into the important role a tantra chair plays in the intimate life of an individual who practices tantric sex, it is important to discuss what tantric sex actually means and the practices included in this form of sexual activity. 

The origin of this practice dates back to ancient Hinduism and the belief of creating a deep intimate connection with your partner in order to achieve maximum pleasure and satisfaction from your union. The main goal of practicing tantric sex is to be mentally present during each step of the sexual experience in order to gain maximum fulfillment from experience. Tantric sex is considered a spiritual experience as much as it is a physical one. During this experience, the main aim is not to reach an climax but to enjoy the whole experience of the journey of exploring and finding each other and getting to know one’s self and partner on a spiritual level.

Why Is Tantric Sex Practiced? 

Many individuals who practice this form of sexual activity believe that the tantric techniques can help resolve some complications related to the intimate activity such as premature release and anclimax.  

It is also believed to bring two partners closer to each other and make their bonds stronger not only physically and mentally but also spiritually. 

The Key Elements Of Tantric Sex

The main elements for successfully practicing tantric sex include:

  • Knowing Your Body: it is the most important step for any individual who wants to practice tantric sex to get to know your body and its desires. This enables the individual to guide their partner and let them know their preferences. 
  • Knowing Your Partner’s Body: the basic principles of tantric sex are to honor one’s body and the body of your partner. Listening to your partner’s needs and making sure you are doing something which they truly enjoy is key to a successful practice. 
  • Being Attentive: while engaging in any form of tantric practice, it is important that an individual is in the right state of mind. It is important to be present and open not only physically and mentally but also spiritually. Being vulnerable in front of your partner will allow them a chance to get to know you better and provide you the satisfaction you deserve. 
  • Being Honest: another crucial step to keep in mind is to always be truthful to yourself and your partner. If they have done something that does not suit your needs or that displeases you, it is an individual’s responsibility to be truthful to their partner and inform them of their mistake or actions. Until or unless both partners have clear communication and are being a hundred percent honest with each other, reaching satisfaction mentally and spiritually can be difficult. 

How to have the best experience:

For any experience to be successful, it involves some amount of preparation. The case is the same with tantric sex and its practices. It is important for an individual to be prepared beforehand in order to avoid any interruptions and mishaps. Few things that can help you prepare include: 

  • Reading about the practice: gaining information and reading up material on the practice enables an individual to gain a deeper understanding of the practice. This information can then be used as a guide to making one’s self excel in the practice as well as inform their partner about it. 
  • Preparation of the mind: the human mind can be an interesting yet challenging space. It can be difficult for an individual who experiences stress or anxiety to be completely mentally present. Therefore, for such individuals, it is important to research and practice some meditation and relaxation techniques in order to give their best to the practice. 
  • Having ample time: The practice of tantric sex mainly focuses on being attentive and having a slow, meditative experience. The objective is to move slowly and experience each part completely; this means that at times the practice can last more than an hour. 
  • Being in the correct location: since the practice revolves strictly around being calm and moving slow, the environment of the space which an individual chooses for the practice is crucial and has a huge impact on how the practice goes. Dim lights and soft music can help improve the environment and enhance the experience. However, a bright room in the middle of a busy city can make the experience lose its effect as light and noise pollution can be distracting.  

What are the right tools?

For any task to be successful, it is important for an individual to be equipped with the correct tools that are required for the job. Similarly, for the successful practice of tantric sex, it is important to have the correct tools that will make the experience much more relaxing and enjoyable. 

If an individual is practicing tantric sex on a hard floor or a lumpy mattress, it can be difficult to overlook the uncomfortable positions one might be faced with, and this can damage the integrity of the experience. Therefore, our recommendation goes to the tantric chair for this purpose. The tantric chair is made specifically with this practice in mind and allows its users to enjoy the experience while being completely comfortable. It allows both partners to take several different positions where they can enjoy themselves and explore each other without causing pain or unease.  

The role of breathing techniques: 

Breathing techniques also play a huge role in tantric practice, mainly because of the fact that tantric sex picks up its basics from meditation. While practicing tantric sex, it is advised to both partners to have their breathing synched as this allows for a better experience and enables the partners to feel connected. 

At the end of the day, tantric sex can be extremely helpful for individuals as it helps them reach a level of spiritual satisfaction that very few techniques offer. It enables an individual to come closer to one’s partner and develop a strong relationship. However, as discussed above, in order to achieve this satisfaction, it is important to have the right tools and preparation. 


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