The Easiest Way to Achieve Perfect Eyebrows

Eyebrows trend change every few years, as you know bold eyebrows are what is in style at the moment. This has lead to an explosion in products that claim they can help you to achieve this trend. Some of them can but many are not quality products and just jumping on the trend in the hope of making a quick profit.

Perfect Eyebrows

Before you can achieve perfect eyebrows, you need to know what shape is considered perfect. The shape of your eyebrows should be decided in relation to your other facial features. Pretend straight lines are going from the start of the inner corner of your eyes and go straight up to your hairline. You will want the inner end of your eyebrows to start on these lines. 

To decide where your eyebrows should in you are going to pretend that there are another set of lines. These pretend lines will also be straight and start at the tip of your nose go to the outer corner of your eye and continue to your hairline. The eyebrows end should just touch this line. For your arch just use what you naturally have do not tweeze an arch into your brows.

Filling in Your Brows

When thick brows became a trend,micro-blading quickly grew in popularity. This a process where a professional tattoos small lines in the area of your brow to simulate hair to help give you the appearance of thick and full eyebrows. The results are temporary and painful to achieve. The process is also normally expensive. 

Many people prefer easier options, that they can get similar results from. There are several companies in the beauty industry that offer products that mimic the effects of micro-blading. The best eyebrow pens on the market are from TatBrow. They have a microblade pen that includes a tip that is shaped to make each stroke leave 3 or four small fine lines that represent hair. They also offer a micro precision pen that offers a more precise application having just one fine point on their pens. 

Whether you use the microblade pen, with multiple points, or the more micro precision pen, with one fine point, will be a personal preference. No matter which pen you are using the ink will be more important. TatBrow Eyebrow pens ink have a consistency you can work with and when it dries it will provide the results you are looking for

Using a TatBrow Pens

When you use the TatBrow pen to fill in your eyebrows think back to the perfect shape you are trying to achieve. Make sure that first, you have shaped your natural brow. Start this by combing your brow straight up. Use a small pair of scissors to trim any crazy long hairs and tweeze any hairs outside of the imaginary lines of perfection. Now you want to make sure that where your brows start that the height of both brows is even.

Now get your voice of the TatBrow eyebrow pens and make small quick strokes starting at your inner brows. Start at the base and make your stroke straight up. As you move through your brow make your stroke follow the flow of the natural hair. Go slow add just a few hairs at a time so that you do not overdo it. This will take practice male sure you allow the product to completely dry before doing anything else and then use powder to set your brow.

Now that you know how to easily achieve the TatBrow perfect eyebrows, take the time to practice and perfect your application. Remember to just apply a little at a time it is easier to add more than to start over. Make sure you are using one of the TatBrow eyebrow pens to fill your brow so you get the best results. Before you know it people will be stopping you on the streets to ask how you get your brows so perfect.