How to Dry Natural Hair Correctly?

Whether you love short hair or long, curly or straight – your would look bland without volume and shine. Most of us prefer to let our hair dry naturally after a shower. But letting your hair air dry makes them frizzy and brittle. So what should really do to keep your hair perfectly shiny, smooth and frizz-free without compromising the volume? The answer to your question is in this article! Here we are going to share some quick, easy and effective tips to Dry your Natural hair without losing their shine and volume.

  • Tips To Dry Your Wet Natural Hair:

The tips that we are going to share with you are referred by one of the top hair-stylist. If you dry your natural hair using these techniques you will surely get a saloon-like blow-dry hair!

1. Moisturize Your Hair:

To get frizz-free shiny hair you need to make sure that you moisturize/condition your hair. It means that every time you take a shower applies a good hair conditioner. Even if you are not washing your hair with the shampoo you still need to condition your hair.

2. Wash hair With Cold Water:

Though a warm shower relaxes your body it is not good for your hair. Hot water increases hair fall plus makes your hair brittle. Therefore, always wash or rinse your hair with cold (room temperature) water.

3. Brush Your Hair Before and During Shower:

Another great tip to get a frizz-free, smooth and shinny natural dry hair is to brush your hair before taking a shower. While some people recommend not comb/brush your hair inside shower, we suggest you should go for it. Brushing wet hair is different than brushing them under the shower.

4. Say No To ‘Towel Dry’!

If you wish to get perfect saloon-like shine and smoothness in your hair after drying then avoid the towels. All the hair experts recommend not to wrap your hair in a towel. According to them, the towel irrespective of the fabric used even dries the necessary moisture out of your hair.

5. Apply Hair Smoothening Serums:

After shower makes sure to apply good, soft and light hair serums on in your hair roots as well as hair tips. Give a gentle massage on your scalp so that the serum gets inside the pores. Once you are done applying the serum, stop touching your hair over and over again. Let the extra water drizzle from your hair.

6. Use High-Powered Hair Drying Products:

If you want saloon-like dry natural hair, then you must use a ‘high-powered’ but heat-moderating hair drying products. Even the hairstylist recommend using good blow dryers for natural hair. High-powered and good hair drying blow dryers might be a little expensive than regular blow dryers – but these blow dryers are less damaging to your hair. When you use a good hair blow dryer it retains the natural hair moisture as well as hair shine. Furthermore, the hair gets a smooth texture and gets bouncy.

Get your saloon blow-dried hair at home using these tips and slay everyone with your hairstyle!

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