The Dark Side of Your Zodiac Sign

If you are familiar with your Zodiac Sign, or as astrologers call it, your Sun or Star sign, you’ve more than likely heard some characteristics describing it.

The Sun, according to Cafe Astrology:

represents our conscious mind in Astrology. It represents our will to live and our creative life force.

When people ask you what your “Sign” is, they are referring to your Sun Sign.

Each sign has both positive and negative qualities. The least popular negative qualities are great to be aware of since they’ll help you recognize your darker moments and hopefully, take steps to limit them.

Here are the dark sides of the signs.


The dark side of Aries is quick to anger, impulsive, flies by the seat of their pants, takes everything personally, can be a bully and overbearing, needs to be right all the time, is far too aggressive and annoyingly pushy.


The dark side of Taurus is lazy, pessimistic, prone to getting stuck in a rut, ridiculously stubborn, overly materialistic, redundant and did I mention ridiculously stubborn?


The Dark Side of Gemini is flaky, superficial, untrustworthy, extremely two-faced, inconveniently paradoxical, plays dirty tricks, contradictory, talks behind people’s backs, and is annoyingly erratic.


The dark side of Cancer is unbearably moody, clingy to the point of being suffocating, nagging, super duper emotional, chronic complaining and oppressive as hell.


The dark side of Leo is extremely ego maniacal, spotlight stealing, shallow, self-serving, vain, demanding and puts the “d” in dramatic.


The dark side of Virgo is hyper- critical, nastily nit-picky, seeks perfection from others it cannot itself live up to, can’t see the forest for the trees, fussy, annoyingly anal retentive, rigid, unimaginative and an excessive worry-wart.


The dark side of Libra is manipulative, passive aggressive, unable to choose a side or make up its mind, severely self-indulgent,self-serving, vain and eternally easily swayed.


The dark side of Scorpio is vindictive, a master of manipulation, takes pleasure in the suffering of others, narcissistic, blindly ambitious, secretive and will hold a grudge forever.


The dark side of Sagittarius is terribly tactless, berates with brutal bluntness but cannot handle it in return, reckless, inconsistent and crazily careless.


The dark side of Capricorn is unbearably boring, self-absorbed, expects things to be done their way at all times, anti-social, rigid, ridiculously retiring, perpetually pessimistic and stubborn.


The dark side of Aquarius is extremist, unpredictable, unusually unusual, illogical, dismissive of other’s opinions, drastically detached emotionally, melodramatic, unreliable and irritatingly irrational.


The dark side of Pisces is drastically defeatist, self-deprecating, self-sabotaging perfectionism, highly hypersensitive, idealistic to a fault, needs to be needed, and surprisingly selfish.

Awareness of the darker sides of our personalities is a key to fully embracing and loving ourselves. It is our darkness and light, good and bad, that makes us who we are . Do you see the darker characteristics of your Sun Sign in your own behavior? Share with us in the comments what your sign is and what traits you feel are fitting.

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