The Best Sustainable Eyewear Brand

We have heard of clean beauty, sustainable skincare and makeup, sustainable clothing brands, and a whole lot of various businesses and ventures going clean and green to help the planet. But an eyewear brand dedicated to keeping the environment clean, safe, and free from pollution? Now that is a first!

You are probably as excited as we are to get to review this power brand.

But first things first, let us have a brand reveal!

Drumrolls, please…

This earth-conscious brand is none other than Messyweekend!

About Messyweekend

Messyweekend is a fast-growing online sunglasses brand in Denmark. Established in Copenhagen, Denmark, all their products are also designed in the latter. The brand is run by a team of international young, vibrant, and authentic individuals with a keen eye for fashion and style.

In a bid to be people-centered, they offer a community-partnership platform through their affiliate program and also run a student discount sales program where students can look stylish on a budget.

They run a free shipping and returns policy n the EU and UK, which is a plus for customers within these locations.

Diverse Target Market

Photo credit: Messyweekend

Unlike some other eyewear brands streamlined to just regular glasses users or sunglasses cults, Messyweekend is a brand with products that caters to a diverse market.  From snow goggles and snow accessories, ski goggles, and all other kinds of goggles to different sunglasses and blue light filter glasses for both men and women, you can get any eyewear of your choice on Messyweekend. What’s more? Ski fans can also get an entire skin accessory kit from the same store, and anyone can get their frames for prescription glasses. It is a beehive of high-quality products with different colors, designs, sizes, and shapes suitable for all ages.

Minimalism Friendly

Photo Credit: Messyweekend

Minimalism is a lifestyle that emphasizes the belief that less is more. Minimalists are constantly decluttering their space and lives in general and acquiring things truly needed and not knickknacks they can certainly live without.

 It is a practice with an increasing community of minilivers (a term we just made up for minimalism believers), which Messyweekend subscribes to. This, however, doesn’t mean that non-minimalists may not find an eyeglass perfect for them.

It only means that they are a brand with an eye for Scandinavian minimalist aesthetics, design, and fashion, which is why all their products are made in a simple yet classy fashion that is to-die-for and easily likable by customers.

Sustainability Advocate

Photo credit: Messyweekend

It is no news that our planet is rapidly depreciating. With many harmful substances released into the environment, nature is consistently suffering and in danger of various mishaps. For instance, our oceans are constantly overflowing with plastics, nylons, and other debris. Messyweekend, as a brand that cares about the planet, is committed to fighting the ocean plastic crisis and pollution. They have been in the act of doing so through their partnership with three clean ocean projects – Resea project, Plastic change, and 4thePlanet.

Part of The proceeds from the sale of products are channeled into the clean ocean projects and has so far helped in removing over 230 tons of ocean plastic, with each sale facilitating the cleanup of an equivalent of 5 plastic bottles from the oceans.

While there are a million and one ways to promote clean living and sustainability, ocean cleaning is a niche Messyweekend has carved for itself in the art of giving back to society, which is a commendable venture.


Although primarily an eyewear brand, Messyweekend has expanded to include other ventures and initiatives. There is Messy music which is a platform for the brand to collaborate with Danish bands from all over, MessySkate is the skateboarding team of Messyweekend with a community of some of the most talented skaters in Denmark; MessySnow is the brand’s ski collection which also sponsors ski tutorials and other related activities for snow lovers.

It’s a full house at Messyweekend, and even if you are not a sunglasses faithful (which comes with a 2 year warranty, by the way), you can also fit in comfortably into any of the brand’s other arms you resonate with.

We have definitely said a lot about Messyweekend. But hey! Seeing is believing, yes? So just go on to see more for yourself, and you just might become a new messy convert!

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