4 Reasons to Buy Sustainable Brands

Whether you’re dressing for work, school, or the weekend, you want to look and feel great. When you buy sustainable clothing, you can accomplish both objectives easily. Sustainable fashion refers to clothing made with environmentally and socially responsible principles in mind. It looks just as stylish as the other clothing in your closet, and it doesn’t have to cost much more either.

So why should you embrace this type of fashion? Take a look at four reasons to say goodbye to fast fashion and start buying sustainable brands instead.

Reduce Environmental Impact With Less Waste

Sustainable Brands

Image via Unsplash by priscilladupreez

If you’re used to buying budget-friendly clothing, then your closet may contain fast fashion. While it may look cute, fast fashion contributes to waste problems in a significant way. For perspective, every second of every day, one garbage truck’s worth of clothes goes to the landfill.

Buying less fast fashion and more sustainable clothing allows you to reduce waste and make a more negligible impact on the environment. That’s because sustainable clothes are often made with recycled materials or other durable fabrics, helping them last longer.

Diminish Pollution From Textile Manufacturing

When you slip on your favorite T-shirt or jeans, you might not think about the process of making the clothing you love. However, it’s essential to know that textile manufacturing creates a mind-boggling amount of waste.

According to the World Resources Institute, 2,700 liters of water go into a single cotton shirt. One pair of jeans generates the same amount of greenhouse gases as driving a car for 80 miles.

When you buy sustainable clothing brands, you can reduce the related pollution and waste significantly. In addition to reducing the impact of textile manufacturing behind the scenes, sustainable brands are transparent about their practices so that you know what you’re buying.

Promote Ethical Treatment of People

In addition to its adverse effects on the environment, fast fashion also has dire consequences for the people involved in the industry. Garment workers earn average salaries as low as $26 per month, which is a fraction of what they need to live comfortably.

In contrast, sustainable brands are committed to transparent supply chains and paying living wages. That means you may have to pay a little more for sustainable clothing, but you can do so knowing that you’re contributing to a critical cause.

Make a Personal Statement

If you purchase the same easily accessible fast fashion clothing that everyone else has, it’s nearly impossible to create a distinctive style. Instead, you’ll end up dressing a lot like your friends and co-workers.

With sustainable fashion, it’s easier and more fun to make a personal statement. Sustainable brands tend to create longer-lasting pieces with timeless style. That means you can express yourself and make a stylish statement while doing good.

Switching from a fast fashion-focused closet to a sustainable wardrobe can make a big difference for the earth and communities worldwide. With this simple switch, you can make a positive impact while staying stylish.