The Best Needle Threader that You Haven’t Tried

2021 has made us all discover new hobbies and passions that we can safely do at home.

One of those hobbies is sewing. It is a great activity that is not only therapeutic for the mind but allows us to tap into our creative side. For way too long, sewing was associated with only older people who had a lot of time to kill. But now people of all ages and stages of life are discovering the amazing benefits of sewing!

In fact, some studies are showing that over one million people have started taking up sewing as a new hobby since the Covid-19 pandemic hit last year! This is because people are learning that it can enhance your wellbeing, express your creativity, save money and even reduce your environmental impact!

If you are someone who is considering taking up sewing, then you will need to start organizing your sewing kit. This includes getting items like fabric scissors, needles, thread, a sewing machine, tape measurer, and pins! But of all the items you should be investing in first, one of the most important items to stock your kit up with is an automatic needle threader!

Why do you need a needle threader? Well, we are about to share with you everything you need to know about this epic little tool and all the reasons why you need to try it on your next sewing project!

1. It saves you time

Anyone who has picked up sewing can attest to the frustrations of trying to thread your needle. While there are many little hacks to get the thread through the thin needle, sometimes it is just not your day and that tiny piece of thread simply won’t go through the eye of the needle! Hours can be lost trying to constantly re-thread your needle and can even make sewing a frustrating experience. With an automatic needle threader, the hard work is done for you and you can thread that needle in a matter of seconds!

2. It fits any sewing machine

Sewing machines come in all shapes and sizes. But the good news is that no matter which sewing machine you have, the automatic needle threader will fit! That is because they have been designed to work with any sewing machine! Because of this, you can also share the needle threader with your other sewing friends too!

3. It secures the needle

One of the biggest advantages of using the automatic needle threader is that it can hold the thin needle in place. While many of us try to do this by hand, it can be challenging to get a stable grip on such a small object. The automatic needle threader provides this stability and also makes it easier to stay still in darker environments as well.

4. The material is long-lasting

You really get your money’s worth when it comes to the automatic needle threader! This is because the material that it is built with is long-lasting and durable. This means that even though you will likely use it quite frequently, you won’t risk breaking it for a very long time—if ever! The combination of being made with both metal and plastic materials makes this the ultimate long-term sewing kit companion!

If you are someone that has recently discovered the joys of sewing and is starting to build up your sewing kit, we hope you seriously consider getting an automatic needle threader. It will make this hobby easier, more enjoyable and increase productivity on how much actual sewing you are able to accomplish. With long-lasting material, a secure hold, adaptability, and a serious time-saver, the automatic needle threader is likely to become your new best friend in all sewing projects.