The Best Kinds Of Beach Towels For You

Imagine it’s summer again, and you just can’t wait t take a dip in the pool in the glorious blue waters at the beach. Satisfying, no doubt. But just like a farmer who goes to the farm without his trusted farming tools, your time at the waterside will be less fun without the right gear. 

 What will we do spending long hours at the beach without our bathing suits, swimming gears, beach games, surfboards, sunglasses, sunscreens, and tan sprays? What’s worse?  Leaving without some beach towels – because you have none or yours are worn out and old.  

Contrary to popular opinion, you cannot just waltz into the beach arena with any kind of towel, definitely not your bathing towel at home. Your beach towel is another piece of you that will be seen by all and sundry at your stay at the waterside, and you want it to blend in with the atmosphere at the time.  

We hope you settle for great beach towels for your trips to the seaside and these type of beach towels are what you will need

  1. High absorbent towels

You want a beach towel with high absorbent capacities, especially if you always love to dry off after a swim or can’t stand having sand grains find their way into your hair and skin after dilly-dallying on the beach sands. These kinds of towels also dry off very quickly. The best in this category are towels made from terrycloth cotton, microfiber, or polyester fabrics. 

  1. Beach blankets

Beach blankets or oversized beach towels are a must-have, mainly if your beach trips include going with a battalion of friends and family. You could use them as a picnic mat at the beach, a cozy wrap to keep the chilly evening breeze out, a barrier between you and the sand while tanning directly under the sun. For extra protection from sunburn, you can get beach blankets with inbuilt SPF protection. 

  1. Pure cotton towels

Suppose you’re particular about comfort and the feel of the towel on your skin. In that case, some plush, soft 100% cotton beach towels are the ideal beach trip accessory for you. 

  1. Colorful beach towels

A beach towel with a riot of beautiful plush colors or similar divine monochrome colors is one of the things that add some glee to a beach trip. Contrasting this against the blue of the sea and sky, the white of the sands, and the palette of many other colors on the beach makes for a perfect movie scene or the masterpiece of a talented painter. 

  1. Microfiber beach towels

Microfiber beach towels are best for prolonged use and are ideal choices for absorbing water. They are also lint-free and light and usually dry quickly. 

Microfibers are known to dry off four times faster than regular towels while weighing much less than the latter.  This makes them a more hygienic option. They are also versatile pieces as you can use them for other purposes like hiking, camping, travels, exercises, and whatnot.  

  1. Sand free beach towels

Some beach towels are specially loosely woven, preventing sand from clinging to the surface or hiding in-between the weaves. This way, some beach sand doesn’t follow you back home from the beach. 

Beach Towels Care Tips

 If you want your beach towels to serve you well, then you need to return the favor by adequately caring for them. Dirty, torn, and worn apparel will only transfer germs to you and make you look untidy. To maintain your beach towels, keep them clean and fresh at all times, and extend their durability, you should arm yourself with these beach towel care tips: 

  1. Shake off debris

Never bag your towels after use without shaking off the sand and debris. The sand and dirt on the beach do not need to go back home with you, and they certainly do not belong on your towel. Besides skincare and towel care, grits clinging to your towels can cause malfunctions in your washing machine. 

  1. Use hot water

Except the label instructs otherwise, wash your towels with hot water for adequate sanitation, especially those made from cotton.  

  1. Selectively wash your towels

Some towels come in colors that do not mix well with other colors and may cause color bleeding. To avoid this, wash towels separately and do not store them together when wet. 

  1. Stay away from commercial fabric softeners

Commercial fabric softeners have their advantages, but they tamper with the absorbent powers of beach towels.  If your detergent has an aftereffect of leaving your towel stiff and rigid and you want to get it back into a more plush state, rinse after washing with a combination of distilled vinegar and water. It will take away detergent residue and also leave your towels soft and smooth. 

  1. Wash regularly

How often is it regularly?  You should wash your beach towel after every use. This removes accumulated bacteria, sand, and likes, ultimately keeping skin woes away and leaving your towels looking and smelling fresh.  If washing after every use is not convenient, then ensure to dry immediately after every use.

Take Away

The primary purpose of a beach towel is to accompany you to the beach. You can use it for the varying purposes that beach towels can be used for.  But that doesn’t make them any less aesthetic. On the contrary, the beauty of a beach towel is as necessary as its functions. 

Manchester Collection beach towels check all the boxes of the best kinds of beach towels you should be on the lookout for.  Adequately tested for lint, shrinkage, and absorbency, all you have to do is purchase towels of different colors, sizes, and designs without worrying about experiencing the woes associated with poor quality beach towels. 

The next time you go to the waterside, ensure you do not go alone – have your beach towel(s) with you as this will guarantee a fulfilled time out!