10 Cabinet Hardware Styles to Refresh Your Kitchen

When it comes to kitchen renovation and getting new cabinets, hardware may be the least thought of decor element. However, cabinet hardware can be more than just the finishing touch to your cabinets; they can make a statement and even enhance the look and feel of the entire kitchen space. Cabinet hardware can be a standout piece depending on the shape, design or finish. You have the opportunity to take design risk, get creative, and create beautiful pairings.

You can showcase your personal style and flair in your choice of cabinet hardware. Here is a look at 10 cabinet hardware styles to refresh your kitchen.

  1. Traditional Bronze Hardware

Traditional raised-panel cabinet doors can look outstanding with bronze knobs and pulls that feature exposed screws. This type of hardware helps to create a classic look to these cabinet doors. The pairing fits perfectly together, with the bronze hardware exuding warmth, much in the same way as the glazed wood of the cabinet doors.

  1. Mission Style Hardware

Mission style cabinetry is not complete with the standard metal ring pulls. It’s typical to find mission style pulls in oil-rubbed bronze finish, but they are also available in brass and copper.

For a classic and timeless finishing touch to your gray kitchen cabinets, accessorize with mission style hardware.

  1. Contemporary Tubular Pulls

Tubular drawer pulls are lightweight and sleek in appearance. You can choose to use these pulls vertically or horizontally, and they are available in different lengths. If you have a need for long tabular pulls, that’s available on the market, but you can also find short tabular pulls as well. Longer pulls tend to add drama, while shorter pulls offer a subtle finishing touch to your cabinets.

  1. Rustic Hammered Iron Pulls

Hammered-iron pulls are known for their handmade and heavy-duty quality, rustic charm, and unique appeal. These pulls complement natural-wood grain cabinets, enhancing the simple, rustic charm of both elements in the kitchen space. It’s ideal for your rustic kitchen that features barn style design and decor elements.

  1. Artistic Mosaic Cabinet Hardware

If you desire cabinet hardware that is uncommon and completely unique, forget the catalog and off-the-shelf options. A one-of-a-kind cabinet hardware to consider is artistic mosaic-glass drawer pulls. These are individually hand-crafted knobs that offer vibrancy, thanks to the dichroic art that is often a feature.

  1. Farmhouse Cup Pulls

Cup pulls are a great option to tie a farmhouse look together in a kitchen. These pulls offer a minimalist and vintage appeal, and are shaped like an upside-down cup. They are available in a variety of styles and finishes to match your kitchen aesthetic.

  1. Asian-Inspired Brass Cabinet Pulls

When it comes to functionality and cultural appeal, Asian-inspired brass cabinet pulls are the way to go. If you want to make a statement, this choice in cabinet hardware will speak volumes.

Interesting curves and sleek lines are features of Asian-inspired brass cabinet pulls that can help to create an air of sophistication that is a combination of contemporary and classic at the same time.

  1. Retro Porcelain Pulls

Porcelain hardware – knobs and pulls- are popular, in part, because of their bright whiteness and their durable finish. While the traditional white porcelain is a popular choice, there are other options, including, black porcelain, modern crackled porcelain, and a variety of painted options.

  1. Tuscan Oil-Rubbed Bronze Hardware

Are you looking for classic chic cabinet knobs? If so, Tuscan oil-rubbed bronze hardware for your cabinets may be just what you need to complete your chick kitchen. These chunky pulls are graceful, delicate, and stunning hardware provide a subtle elegance. They are well-suited as a contrasting element attached to light-colored, raised-panel kitchen cabinet doors.

  1. Classic Ceramic Knobs

Maybe you want to enhance the charm in your kitchen and make your cabinets stand out.

Ceramic knobs can provide just the right amount of charm that you need for your kitchen space.

If your kitchen style is country-cottage, for example, classic ceramic knobs are ideal for your cabinets, especially those with a natural wood finish. These knobs can be plain or feature funky and interesting patterns.

These 10 cabinet hardware styles are special and unique in their own way. You can consider this list if you want to refresh your kitchen with hardware that can make a statement or enhance your kitchen’s aesthetic. You cannot go wrong with any of these beauties.

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