The Best Binary Brokers for Novice Traders

The best option for beginner traders are brokers that have a lower entry threshold that include a minimal minimum deposit and minimal rates. Bonuses are essential because they permit traders to place their first bets in real time without having to risk an investment of a significant amount.

The IQ option

The minimum required for trade options in binary and Forex instruments is $2. The proprietary-developed platform is one-of-a-kind in this segment. It is a combination of binary options with the features in Forex terminals. The leverage can be as high as 1:500, and there are no bonus offers.


The minimum deposit is $10and and the rate for minimum deposits is 1 USD EUR. The company offers an option for trading traditional kinds of options. The company offers cashback and insurance for investments in the event of loss. The bonus system is available and tournaments are regularly hosted on demo accounts, with the possibility of winning real cash.

The minimum deposit is US$5 while the bet minimum is lowest among the top 5 with a minimum of US$0.51. There aren’t any bonus offers however, there’s an array of educational programs designed for beginners. The trading platform the broker provides is simple and easier to master.

Top Binary Brokers to Use for Beginners traders

A binary broker also must have an authorization. Numerous companies have been operating for over ten years without licenses, however traders continue to seek out the binary options brokers that have been properly licensed. Below is the list of most licensed binary brokers.

Brokers are required to display the license number on their website. License numbers are available through the website of the regulator they are affiliated with.

Pocket Option automatically opens swap-free accounts for all of its customers without the need to modify the settings or call support. We also conducted an analysis of the withdrawal fees for Pocket and other binary options brokers. You can find the comparison results below.

PocketOptions review offers its clients easy and simple binary options trading terms. It can also allow you to trade Forex. You can trade on the most popular and exotic commodity pairs, currency and cryptocurrencies. American as well as European companies’ shares. The broker also provides its own platform, a user-friendly interface that permits you to trade without analyzing all the features of the terminal.

Some figures that might be fascinating for traders who are considering the right broker:

  • Over 100 different trading tools.
  • The maximum amount for payments is 92%.
  • Real trading account with 7 accounts available to clients with different levels of experience and funds.

Pocket Option is a broker that caters to professional and novice traders in binary options.

The amount of money you pay for binary options offered by the broker is determined by the asset that is traded. The rate of interest for currencies is 32-91%, for commodities, as well as 10-40% in the case of crypto. The interest payments for OTC are 92% to 79-92% for currency; 96% in the case of commodities and 17-92 percent for shares. It is possible to open any number of trading transactions with any expiration date that is available for the class of asset you choose for the trading account. The average time to interact in market conditions is 0-4 secs.

Clients utilize the platform that is owned by Pocket Option to provide a user-friendly terminal, which is accessible on mobile, desktop, and web-based versions. For Forex trading The broker uses the popular MetaTrader 5 platform. It is possible to create just one trading account with the broker.

Handy pocket Option Services

  • There is a “Market”. It is a particular part of the personal account that you can purchase equipment to boost your profit from trading (for instance bonuses on the balance, promo code for a bonus offer when replenishing your account, etc.);
  • “Lottery of Crystals”. People who spend their weekends on the weekend can participate in the automated crystals draw at no cost. They can also be used to purchase a variety of trading bonuses
  • “Crystal mining”. This feature lets you acquire crystals for copying trades from other traders. Each time you copy a transaction, you’ll get one crystal fragment. You can then buy them different trading benefits on the market;
  • “Trading signals”. Recommendations for trading binary options that are based on an analysis of technical aspects of financial assets marketable value.