The weekend has arrived. It’s finally time to relax and unwind from all the stress of the just concluded week. Or so you think.

Then it hits you! You’re home alone with the kids who have nothing to do all weekend. This means boredom and boredom lead to crankiness and crankiness leads to endless series of disturbing moments.

These events include nags, cries, toys littering the place, and oh my, the constant bicker between the kids. All these could lead to you losing your nerves but before you go nuts on the little ones, have you checked out these DIY ideas  to keep them busy this weekend?

Not all heroes wear capes. And not all heroes are humans. Some of them come in the form of paints, glues, crayons, glitter, etc that rescue you from the disaster that comes with having nothing to do all weekend.

These tools are perfect for triggering the creative side of the kids to burst out, ensuring the kids are kept busy for hours. Not sure of which activity to pick? Don’t worry, we’ve got 10! But quick question, what does DIY mean?

What Does DIY Mean?

DIY stands for Do-It-Yourself. These activities are fun, educative, and easy to learn and most times, carried out with easy to find items. That means you’re in luck as the solution to your weekend conundrum is just lying around the corner.

Now that you know about the weekend savior, that is the DIY ideas, here are 10 ideas to get you started this weekend.

The Best DIY Ideas to Try Out This Weekend

By the time you’ve given the following ideas a try, sounds of bicker and kids yelling “I’m bored” are suddenly morphed into sounds of laughter and concentration. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

So let’s get started.

1. DIY Tree Swing

Do you have a tree in the backyard just out there begging for a swing? Well, it’s about time you came to that tree’s rescue don’t you think?

Let the kids help with the measurement of the ropes and seat while you fix it up. Then watch as your kids become occupied with the swing and leave you to do some reading or whatever you like for leisure. Or, you could join them. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you.

2. DIY Jellyfish

Transform paper plates and yarns into one of the most exotic aquatic creatures. With the right color blend, acrylic glow-in-the-dark paint, you can watch your creation illuminate in the dark. Fancy!

3. DIY Patterned Planter

Got a printer lying around? Why not print out some temporary tattoo papers and design household items like the plant pots, mugs, pencil cups, and so on. The kids could even use them to match their bedrooms and school supplies.

4. DIY Space Crayons

Who doesn’t love the sight of bright colorful crayons shaped into celestial creations e.g. star? This takes coloring to a new level of excitement. Besides, your kids have a bunch of old crayons they were going to toss away. You might as well put them to exciting use.

5. DIY Paper Bracelets

Get some watercolor and paint abstract shapes of paper. Then, get the older kids to cut the paper into strips and fold them into wearable art. The result is a pretty bracelet that the kids can feel proud of.

6. DIY Rock Climbing Wall

Take the excitement notch up a bit by adding some physical activity to the kids’ weekend. The idea of an indoor climbing wall is perfect for creating an activity that develops their motor skills.

7. DIY Window Art

Get some transparency sheets and water for sticking to the patio doors, windows around the house and watch the kids explore their creative ambitions.

8.  DIY Fairy Bells

Get some twigs, embroidery, beads, and jingle bells to add a bit of fairytale magic to the backyard.

9. DIY Thumbprint Family Tree

Teaching your kids about their family origins has never been more exciting. You can even use this to prep them for family game night.

10. DIY Race Track

Any lightning McQueen lover in the house will love this idea. Also great for keeping the toy cars in the place so you don’t have to worry about picking after the kids.


Kids tend to get bored easily and keeping them cooked up inside with nothing to do can come back to haunt you. Get them busy with any or all of these ideas this weekend and thank us later.