Thanks To This Young Painter, Once Again ITALY Stands Out For Its ART!

I have just discovered this incredible artist and I absolutely have to tell you about her.

She is Chiara Magni, she lives in Italy near the beautiful Lake Garda.

Her art really impressed me. She is a visionary genius who is bringing a new conception of how to make art into the world!

Her paintings are full of color and texture, she uses oil painting as if it were “colored butter” which she generously applies to the canvas!

Her paintings have a very thick texture and give a truly 3D effect… I guess it takes weeks to dry, but for such masterpieces it is absolutely worth it!

Chiara Magni has a very direct approach with her followers, she likes to share videos of her while creating her paintings, she also likes to share her most intimate thoughts and reflections:I think this is very important in creating an artist-collector bond.

And maybe it is really her positivity and humility that led her to sell hundreds of paintings all over the world?

What do you think of this new discovery of mine?


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