Ten Ways to Make Your Vow Renewal Extra Special

If you are planning to renew your wedding vows, you will want the day to be memorable for all the right reasons. Make sure the occasion is as special and unique as your relationship by adding these special touches.

Ways to Make Your Vow Renewal Extra Special

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Significant Date

Many vow renewals take place to coincide with a big anniversary, with silver wedding celebrations being especially popular for making that second declaration of love. You might choose the same date as you originally exchanged vows or prefer the contrast of having a celebration at a different time of year. How about having your renewal six months after your anniversary?

Meaningful Music

If music really is the food of love, choosing the right pieces for your renewal is vital. From the music you choose for the ceremony to the songs you select for the evening reception, make the playlist personal. As well as music from your own wedding, you could play the biggest hits from the year you tied the knot or from artists you have seen play live throughout your marriage. Film soundtracks can also provide a backing track – whether you go dramatic with Hans Zimmer’s intense instrumentals or fun-loving with Roy Orbison’s ‘Pretty Woman,’ playing tracks from the movies you have watched time and time again will be sure to keep you smiling all day through.

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Write Your Own Vows

Renewing your vows needn’t mean repeating the words you said the first time around. Writing your own vows allows you to express your true feelings and ensures what you say is fully original. This is an opportunity to include little in-jokes and happy memories and tell your partner exactly how much they mean to you. Don’t be shy – expressing your love is what the day is all about, so open up your heart.

A Personal Theme

The day should rightly be centred around you and your partner, which is why a theme that means a lot to you both can make it extra special. If it was a shared love of musical theatre that brought you together, you could name the tables after your favourite Broadway shows, or if you are a sports fan, name them after athletes who have brought you both joy.

Viva la Venue

Where you choose to renew your vows and the celebratory party will have a massive impact on your day. The choice may seem obvious to you (if you want your renewal at the same place where you got married, for example), but if you are less sure what you want, take time to look at multiple venues to find one that meets your requirements. During the planning stages (and on the day itself) you will be spending a lot of time communicating with the event’s organizer so make sure to meet them in person so you know you will be comfortable with them playing a part in your big day.

Delightful Decorations

Decorations transform a space and are an easy way to stamp your own style on a venue. Make sure whatever you choose complements the existing landscaping/interior design of the space and that it reflects your personality as a couple. For a rustic look, you may opt for hessian table runners, patchwork bunting and wildflowers in jam jars, or if glamour speaks to your heart, an all-white theme is crisp, clean and never goes out of fashion. There are countless ways to bring a unique flavour to your renewal so look beyond traditional floral displays. When deciding how to decorate a room, mentally divide it into three horizontal slices – ground level, eye level and overhead – and decide how you will dress each of these sections. Being aware of the space in this way will ensure the room looks great from every vantage point.

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Share It with Loved Ones

A celebration deserves to be a social event, and everyone loves the romance of a vow renewal. Invite your friends and family to share in your special day and make new memories to last a lifetime as you relive happy days of the past. Don’t feel pressured to invite people out of duty – your vow renewal should be one of the best days of your life so surround yourself with those you can be yourself around. Make sure the vow renewal invitations go out in plenty of time, especially if your renewal is on a weekend, holiday or during peak wedding season. Greenvelope is an environmentally friendly option for invites, saving time, money and trees as well as making it easy to track RSVPs through their website. Save the date cards are also a good idea, particularly if your renewal if arranged well in advance, and if they match the vow renewal invitations, even better!

Fabulous Food

Food is central to any party and a vow renewal is no exception. If you are having a large celebration you may want to replicate a wedding breakfast with everything from canapes to a sit-down meal and wedding cake. For a less formal affair, you could opt for a self-serve buffet. Think outside the box for quirky alternatives that relate to you as a couple. If you are sports buffs, you could have a hot dog stall, for example.

Decadent Drinks

A drinks reception provides the perfect opportunity for your guests to mingle. Prosecco and orange juice are classic offerings but don’t feel you have to play it safe – if you have travelled, why not have a bar offering drinks from the countries you have been to together? If you prefer staying closer to home choosing beverages from local companies can be a great way to support your community. Remember to have a variety of non-alcoholic drinks on offer from soda for the kids to virgin cocktails for the drivers. Cheers!

Happy Honeymoon

As lovely as vow renewals are, they can take a lot of planning. Getting away from it all after the event gives you and your partner the opportunity to reflect on the day as well as relax. Wherever you choose to go, take time for each other. A second honeymoon will be the perfect way to complete your vow renewal celebrations.

These are just a few ways you can bring a personal touch to your day. Whether your vow renewal is the party of the year or an intimate event for your nearest and dearest, be sure to savour every moment and take plenty of photos to look back on fondly in years to come.

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