Solitaire Strategies That Will Help You Win Games Every Time

Solitaire is quite an easy game, and most people can learn to play it. It’s simple to set up but even though, it has some challenges to overcome. You need to be good at strategic thinking and decision making to solve most of the deals.

When it comes to the question about which version of the game you can choose for a start, classic Solitaire or Klondike is usually the best one. This variation does depend on luck some of the time, but having some strategies in your back pocket will surely improve your chances of winning. Moreover, there are some tricks you can make use of, read to !

Solid Strategies to Boost Your Win Rate

Here are some simple tips that are going to maximize your win rate:

  • Open the first card in your deck when you start the game

Even if you don’t need to add anything in the layout, opening the first card of the stock will be beneficial. It will give you more possibilities and better ways to plan your game. Do this as your first move to have an additional card to build your foundations or sequences.

  • Always prioritize freeing face-down cards

If you have a move that’s going to free up one or more face-down cards, always choose that. The more cards are opened, the more manageable your game becomes, and the more options to succeed you have.

  • Move Aces and Deuces to the foundations quickly

These cards are the main building blocks of your foundation piles, so whenever you get the chance, move them up to that area. These are not the ones you can play around later on, they will only make the tableau messy and shorten opportunities for moves.

  • Don’t be tempted by moves that are not crucial

As you progress with the game, you’ll be presented with many choices at the same time. Know what moves are essential to help you win and which are not. The best actions are often those that will bring the opportunity to make other moves or .

  • Kings are important too

Whenever you play Solitaire, there are times when you’re going to have free spaces. This is where Kings come in as they’re the only cards that can fill that slot. The key here is to not empty a stack until a King becomes available.

  • Plan ahead

Solitaire card games require you to plan several steps ahead. For example, you have a black King to fill a space. The first thing you have to do then is to look at your available cards. If there is a black Jack blocking one of your large piles, make a red Queen available to make the right sequence, and move further easily.

Wrap Up

Now, you do have a few tips to play Solitaire online with more pleasure. Even if you don’t have cards and prefer free Solitaire on your phone, you can still use these tricks and strategies to win the deals faster. Still, there can be times when the game will be a challenge. In such cases, don’t rush, be attentive, and the success will come!

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