How Word Games Can Improve Your Vocabulary

We live in an age where technology has taken over. A person without a phone or internet cannot possibly function in society. People prefer to do everything online, whether it is shopping for clothes or booking movie tickets. The entire world has become a virtual global village. In an era, where technology has done wonders, Word Games are under-appreciated.

Word games come with several benefits for everyone, especially children. They improve your cognitive abilities and motor skills. Puzzles speed up your thinking process; which can be quite helpful for mental maths. Word games teach children how to compete and come to terms with defeat. They become a learning experience for the whole family to bond over. Moreover, word games are a great way to improve your problem solving and analytical skills. They boost short-term and long-term memory as well as enhance logical reasoning. A huge benefit of word games that goes unnoticed is the boost they give to vocabulary. Vocabulary is an important skill that should be taught to children early on. 

Here is how your vocabulary can benefit from a word game.


Learning by playing is a great way to educate anyone. While word games help everyone, one great way to construct a robust vocabulary is to lay the bases at an early age. It is easier for children to learn since their brains have not fully developed yet. Children can be taught a second language more quickly than an adult. Why? It is because children absorb information differently than adults. They learn unconsciously, while adults have to make a conscious effort. 

Moreover, children are not afraid to make a fool of themselves. They can ask questions and make mistakes without the fear of looking dumb in front of others. You can teach your children to make use of technology to aid their learning. There are plenty of websites and apps that assist learning. For example, if you find yourself stuck with a bunch of impossible tiles in a game of Scrabble, you can use an online word tool to help you out. This will show your kids how to use their tablets and phones in a productive way that assists learning. If children are exposed to word games at an early age, it builds up their vocabulary. Learning does not feel like a chore, it becomes fun. 


‘Practice makes perfect’. If you regularly play a word game, you get to practice your vocabulary skills. The more frequently you hear a word, the easier it will be to understand its meaning and enhance your word bank. Why is a strong vocabulary important? Proficient vocabulary skills help in all aspects of life. It helps children learn to read at an early age. Reading opens up a world of learning opportunities. It teaches you all kinds of information. It allows you to think more openly. It enables access to unlimited knowledge.

A powerful vocabulary aids efficient communication. It is an essential tool, particularly for children to try to use their language effectively. It helps their listening, speaking, reading and writing. When children know how to use their words, it uplifts their academic and social confidence. Word games with family encourage communication among the family members. This gives everyone a chance to practice their vocabulary. It equips you with the communication skills you need to express yourself better. 


Word games validate the implementation of vocabulary. You learn new words, inquire about the meanings and think of how to use them in sentences, as well as learn how to spell. This motivates you to use these new words in your daily life. A hefty word bank makes overall learning easier. It motivates children to read books and participate in spelling competitions. When learning is made fun through games, it sows the seeds of a desire to acquire knowledge at an early age. You can apply your knowledge to win at future word games which ultimately improve your sense of self-worth. It might even inspire you to write at an early age. You could write a journal, songs or even a sci-fi novel!

Word games should be a part of every household. Frequent repetition is the best way to engrave something in your brain forever. When you play a song over and over again, you learn the lyrics without even trying. This is how you can learn vocabulary by practicing. It is a great way to spend quality time with your family. Instead of wasting energy on video games and social media, you can learn to make productive use of your time.

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