Science Says the More Time You Spend with Parents the More they Live

It’s hard for me to talk about this because I’m far from my parents. I’m away for probably 15 or 20 years. High school, college, now marriage. Time flies my friends. Time flies.

My mother sent me this post to remind me that I haven’t visited them for a month. You know how it is. We all have our occupations that don’t let us do what we want.

Somehow I felt that I need to share this with you.

According to a research from the University of California, we can prolong the lives of our parents and make them better if we spend time with them as much as possible.

The Huffington Post

It turns out that the loneliness plays a key role into accelerating the aging process of the parents. That’s how it increases mortality and other things.

The observation by the scientists took 1,600 elderly people with an average age of 71. The main factor that has been considered here was only loneliness leaving the health and socioeconomic status away.

The research took them 6 years. Over that period, 14% who were constantly visited by their relatives died compared to the 23% without family visitors.

It means that the older people become, the more importance they give to the relationships with their family. On the contrary, children and grandchildren require less communication with the older generation.

It’s a strange bond.

On the other hand, older people will be more tolerant to the drawbacks of their relatives and friends. They are always ready to pass their knowledge, experience, and wisdom to the younger people.

Sometimes we call them to get advice on particular things. It’s important to consider how much time they have given and still give us. They need our attention and care. Maybe a couple of hours during the week will be enough for them to get that warm feeling of their hearts being full.

Did you call your loved ones to tell them how much you love them today?

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Do it now.

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