Parents Beware of The Dangers of Social Media! This Could Be Your Kid

OMG, I’m still shaking. This could be any child!

I can’t imagine this happening to my kid. The social media is a very dangerous place to live in.

No, I’m not wrong. People today, especially kids, LIVE in social media. It’s like a house full with people. Known and unknown.

I’m really scared about the second group. I’m especially scared about the unknown ones.

When social media appeared, it was intended for communicating with friends and family.

Everything was perfect. There were situations where people found their long-lost families. It was really a breathtaking experience.

Nowadays this changed drastically. Teenagers don’t really use it for that. They want new and better experience all the time.

Even if that means communicating with complete strangers. This video really shook me up. I still can’t believe that this is happening in the world.

A YouTube star called Coby Persin did this video to open our eyes as parents.

He wanted to give us a vivid picture to what’s happening in a teenager’s world. This social experiment was done with the permission of two worried parents.

They wanted to show their daughter what could happen with her life.

With their help, we can all benefit from it. Show this to your kids. Let them see what kind of danger they are facing.

The video is shocking.

This could be any child out there. That’s why I wanted to share this with you. I couldn’t just watch it and keep it for myself.

This is really huge and all parents should be warned.

Source: Diply

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