Sagittarius Love and Relationship Horoscope

November 23 to December 21

Ruler: Jupiter Body: Hips, sacral region, sciatic nerves Element: Fire

Key phrase: I see and seek Keyword: Freedom

There are three fire signs in the Zodiac (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius). Fire signs are action oriented, encouraging and inspired, and have an energetic “can do” approach to life.

They have an inherent need to protect themselves from the inactivity, indifference or apathy – these fiery individuals don’t want to sit there and think about, wait to see how they feel nor do they like plodding through tedious steps to get there – let’s just do it is almost their motto.

Fire sign is like a short distance sprinter quick off the mark, there in no time and energy temporarily all spent. We hear this about Aries but all fire signs share this mode of operation. Leos may have more stamina and Sagittarius may be more happy go lucky about it, but like Aries they burn fast and furious, and keep boredom away.

Fire initiates endeavours, sparks the inspiration. Earth is the elemental force that helps give form and moulds to our visionary ideas. Air is the element we need to think and analyze, to formulate these ideas further. Water is the element we use to determine how what we have created makes us feel and how it can feed our needs.

Hollywood has taught us that when something sad happens such as a death or a loss, we need to weep uncontrollably and be incapable of rational action.

We don’t all feel this way. Each one of the fire signs has a different approach and as individuals we have each of these three fire signs in our make influencing three or more areas of our lives. (To identify the areas we need to know the particulars of birth such as the date of birth, the time of birth and the place of birth.

Next we need to look at planets and the aspects that are formed. We also look at the houses, which represent areas of life, and how these are influenced by the zodiacal sign on the cusp of the house as well how the planet which rules the particular house is positioned.)

Sagittarius is …

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign. Changing with the times comes naturally. Sagittarius is known for its frankness, which is often referred to as the foot in the mouth disease.

Sagittarius believes that he/she is telling the truth regardless of the consequences, the outspoken statements are not designed to hurt but to help. It is the outdoorsy sign, and because its ruler is often referred to as the Centaur, we get the image of the half man half horse, which is actually the same used for Chiron (the asteroid/comet/celestial body).

From the horse we get the mouth image with big teeth, and maybe Sagittarius is the straight from the horse’s mouth. Sagittarius is more than that – it is also a very philosophical sign, known to spend a lot of time contemplating the mysteries of the Universe in no particular order of preference. One of the tasks Sagittarius has in this life is to work on his/her belief system, to uncover what is truly important and has lasting value.

This is a freedom loving sign, hates to be bound to one place or one person. Like their polar opposite Gemini, Sagittarius likes to explore new territory, meet new people and broaden his/her horizons. You are welcome to tag along, this is not a loner sign by any stretch of the imagination, but he/she hates anchors. As a fire sign, Sagittarius, likes doing and exploring the new, skydiving or bible class – makes no difference ans according to LoveHoroscope.Guru , the year 2020 is all about finding the edge of your comfort zone and completely pushing the boundaries .

While this sign can be preachy at times, most Sagittarians work really hard not to be judgemental of others, sometimes there choice of words might indicate differently, but deep inside they do not mean to judge. It is also a sign that likes to have fun and enjoy life, take deep breaths in and leap or gallop to new places either physical or spiritual.

Mode: Mutable

The third modality is mutable or changeable. The mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

Like the willow tree they will bend but won’t break. They have the easiest time adapting to change and even welcoming adjustments, the most flexible of the zodiacal signs. That does not translate to weak by the way.

Gemini is the fact gatherer and student of the Zodiac and when new information is brought in that indicates a mid-course adjustment is in order the Gemini is all for it.

Spring is full in Gemini, the birds return from warmer lands and the nature is full of life. Virgo analyzes facts, figures and information and learns new ways of doing things, and voila let’s just change a little and life will run more smoothly.

Virgo harvests the fruits of summer, and perhaps explains the fact that we astrologer refer to Virgo as the caretaker, once harvested the produce of course has to be processed and stored so that we may eat nature’s products during the winter months when the earth is dormant. Sagittarius is exposure to foreign or new people and things and with more knowledge adaptation is what is needed.

It is darkest before dawn, or the winter solstice. During this time we prepare to celebrate the return of the light. In earlier days when outdoor activity was limited due to lack of light, Sagittarius marked this time frame, when withdrawn from activity people tend to draw within, and from within springs wonderful wisdom.

This is a deep sign indeed, not just the court jester or Santa Claus. Pisces absorbs new experiences and feelings out of his/her environment and with the changing tides welcomes a new outlook or approach.

The Spring is around the corner; the earth is preparing for renewal and a new cycle. Wherever I have lived this has been the time of the most variance in weather from brilliant winter’s days to torrential down pours and mudslides. With Pisces in nature and Pisces in a person you get a broad spectrum.

Let’s not forget that this is a sign that wants to also have fun and enjoy all facets of life. They play the same way they approach the quest for meaning of life, with every fibre of their being.

Just because the like to kid around, does not mean that this is a superficial sign, far from it. The seriousness simply takes on a comedic façade. Always looking for the positive side of people and life, but only happy go lucky on the surface

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