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Every day we see the news littered with gory tales of abuses of every sort targeted at women. Domestic violence, theft, assault, battery, rape, and other sexually related violence and abuses, the womenfolk faces traumatizing events at work, on the streets, home, and elsewhere –  supposed safe havens are becoming increasingly unsafe. 

With the high rate of such crimes, it’s becoming crucial that women take the necessary measures to safeguard themselves. Here are three guides and tips to keep you safe as a woman, irrespective of wherever you find yourself and at whatever time of the day. 

Stay Armed

While this may seem extreme, it’s essential to call for drastic measures in like situations. From pepper sprays to licensed firearms, there are various ways to arm yourself against attacks of any sort, especially when you may have a clue that grave danger looms ahead. 

For instance, you may take a bottle of pepper spray for when you walk alone late at night, or you may keep a licensed handgun in your vanity drawer or carry one in your purse for self-defense against theft and burglary. One of the best pistols for such situations is a Glock 43 because it is created for concealed carry. Although they come with terrible sights, see the best available sights for Glock 43 to effectively use your Glock 43. 

Do Not Pull Over When Driving

Except it’s the authorities asking you to pull over (especially on lonely roads or at nights), desist from pulling over at the request of strangers. It may be a coy move to get you out of your car or unlock your car doors and windows. 

Stay in the Light

If you can help it, consciously and intentionally stay away from dark routes, corners, and alleys (Irrespective of whether or not you are armed). Dark places are the perfect hideouts for crime, and sometimes it may be challenging to draw people’s attention to such areas. But if walking dark routes is inevitable, then secure your valuables in your bag or purse and still keep your purses very close to you, do not listen to music or block your ears with headphones or earplugs, and always look around to remain aware of your environment, 

Martial Arts to the Rescue

You do not necessarily need to train to be a Black Belt at karate or become the 21st Century IP man. All you need to keep yourself safe are the basic self-defense training to not be helpless in the face of attacks and danger. So register at your local self-defense training studio or go virtual with YouTube tutorials and lessons. And if you do not mind going full-blown Ninja master, then go for it, girl! 


With the negative turns our societies are taking and the increase in insecurity and crime rate, taking the necessary preventive measures to safeguard yourself is essential to your overall well being. With any of these safety tips and more, you can be sure your attacker will have a fight coming their way. Nevertheless, trust your instincts, always be on the lookout for means of escape and call for help whenever you can as some situations may be too big for only you to handle. 


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